We’ve found 13 chic and safe face mask storage solutions

Leaving your face mashanging k around at the bottom of your handbag (something most of us have been doing so we don’t forget it) is *actually* one of the worst things you can do.

As is leaving it strewn in the bottom of your wardrobe or out on the kitchen counter. It’ll only pick up bacteria that you’ll later have in very close contact with your face. Gross.

Alongside our summer dress and heatwave-appropriate bikini, face masks have fast become a huge part of our summer wardrobe. They’re part of the “new normal”, after all, and to help slow the continuing spread of Coronavirus, donning one is now mandatory if you use public transport, step foot in a shop or order yourself an Uber.

We’ve already revealed where to buy a face mask if you’re after something chic and stylish – which seamlessly fits with the rest of your carefully considered wardrobe – but how should you store your face mask safely?

So, how should I store my face mask safely?

What should you do with your face mask when you’re not wearing it? Well, for your face mask to be effective and safe, you need to be investing in some kind of face mask storage solution.

Between uses, it’s important to store your face mask in a cool and dry place so it can air out. Of course, how you store it when you’re out and about, and how you store it at home, are two very different things.

Overall, the best face mask storage solution is hooks. Not least because fixing them on the wall next to your front door means you’re unlikely to forget your face mask when you head out. Hanging it up means it won’t come into contact with another surface, and it’ll have good ventilation.

If you’re not the proud owner of any hooks already, there are a few stylish options worth spending your money on. They’ll give your living space a welcome (and affordable) update, too. Anthropologie are selling monogram initial hooks, so that everyone in your household can have their own. Or how about this jewellery organiser which can be re-purposed as a very stylish face mask storage solution? Alternatively, H&M Home has a lovely wooden peg rail, while Made.com is selling a set of brass wall hooks.

And what if you’re out and about? You should invest in a pouch or small bag which you can store your face mask in. Just remember to wash this often, as you would your reusable face mask, and fold your mask in half to ensure that the inner cloth that contacts your mouth remains protected from any potentially contaminated surfaces.

Amazon has a whole load of face mask pouches, like this set of pink and white face mask cases and this lovely mint green number. Or how about repurposing Space NK’s sell-out makeup bag? You can take it on-the-go and store your face mask safely between uses. Oh, and ASOS has dropped two face masks which actually come with their own storage pouches. There’s a monochrome design and a spirit-lifting palm print option. You’re welcome.

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