This affordable jewellery line is loved by celebrities

Such is the case of Missoma London, a British brand that makes everything from charm anklets to oversized hoop earrings – and counts Gigi Hadid, Julia Roberts, and more as fans.

When you see celebrities wear jewelry, it almost never feels accessible: They get engaged with huge diamonds, wear stacks of designer gold bracelets, showcase multimillion-dollar necklaces on the red carpet. Sometimes they’re really not like us…at all.

But every so often, they’ll discover an incredibly affordable jewelry brand and start getting photographed in it constantly, giving us an accessory story we can actually shop.

Hadid has been photographed stacking Missoma’s chains for months.

It seems she’s gotten sister Bella into the brand too, as she’s now been spotted wearing pieces from its collaboration with influencer Lucy Williams in recent weeks.

Its most famous customer might be the Duchess of Sussex: Meghan Markle’s been wearing its bracelets and rings since last year.

Even though Missoma’s fan base is star-studded, the brand is still relatively under-the-radar. It’s only been recently that its jewelry, most of which retails for under $200, has started making waves in the U.S., with more influencers (and, obviously, celebrities) spreading the word.

Missoma is only gaining traction among the off-duty model circuit, so it’s bound to blow up. Get ahead of the trend.

If Prince William Is 6’3″, Just How Tall Is Kate Middleton?

The public is endlessly fascinated by Kate Middleton, devouring information about her style, her parenting skills, her philanthropic endeavors, and even her hair. It should be no surprise, then, that Kate’s height is also a frequently searched topic.

Interestingly enough, Google inquiries into the Duchess of Cambridge’s height peaked in the days following the May wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, with many wondering how Kate’s measurements stacked up against the newest member of the royal family, Meghan. In photos from the steps of St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle (see ahead), Kate did appear much taller than other members of the royal family, and it turns out it wasn’t a trick of the eyes.

Kate is actually much taller than the average woman, standing at a reported 5’9″. This also puts her height above many of her in-laws, including Meghan, who is 5’6″, Queen Elizabeth II, who is 5’4″, and even the Duchess of Cornwall, who is 5’8″. But Kate still has Princes William and Harry to look up to, as they both measure over six feet.

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