Well… that’s actually kind of cool (32 Photos)

“My finished cup of coffee looks like the moon.”

Hayati’nin Evreni

This pigeon looks painted on.

These shadows look like they’re poorly rendered.

Sleeping bags that you can walk in!

The colour pulled right out of a pencil crayon.

This building looks paper thin.

The bird poop on this car loos like a girl holding a balloon.

This snail is using the water like a wall to stick onto.

“I picked up a used copy of The Gunslinger found the original receipt from 1989 inside.”

Cloud waves.

Mini bottles of hot sauce at the hotel.

“This 1899 Indian head penny I found while metal detecting.”

The knife on the left is the exact same as the knife on the right, only it has been used in a commercial kitchen for 4 years.

“Left a stick of glue in an old glass with pencils, it opened over the summer and made art.”

This school provides tablets with PDF textbooks rather than physical ones.

“Fairy ring popped up in my yard overnight.”

“My school put fake grass in the middle of real grass so this vent couldn’t kill it.”

In the UK, redundant telephone boxes are being repurposed as public defibrillators.

Deliver guy had some matching shoes with the carpet today.

Double carrots.

Strawberry fist.

Cool looking fungi.

“My brother and I ordered drinks the same colour as our jackets unintentionally.”

“Found this pyramid in a tree that was taken down the other day.”

“My schools interesting take on the ‘real’ periodic table of elements.”

This cafe has swings rather than seats.

Leaf changing to its fall colors.

Zipper check reminder.

“This Restaurant wears 1 star Yelp Reviews behind their T-Shirts.”

Awesome hedges.

“This residue from a peeled-off sticker on a utility box reminds me of a cover of 70s sci-fi novel.”

Red ball made out of 10160 stickers cut in half.

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