Well… that’s actually kind of cool

This almost empty tube of toothpaste.

“What my phone’s camera sees after I shattered the lens.”

“My dog stares at me through mirrors.”

“This photo I took of Christmas ornaments looks like I have some kind of effect on it.”

“Caught someone else’s camera flash when taking this photo of snow falling at Ginzan Onsen.”

“My steaks look like a pair of lungs.”

“Canola field in Idaho looks just like the iconic Windows wallpaper.”

“This Napoleon III coin I found from 1861.”

“This airport has 3x power outlets for every 2x seats!”

“My laptop’s numpad causes the black-dot-illusion.”

“Marge’s hair apparently needs an extra frame of its own.”

“After two days of rain, my fence is literally steaming in the morning sun.”

“My window blinds cast lines at the same degree as my handrail.”

“This cat’s paw print in a slice of bread.”

“My friend found himself in a bag of chips.”

“My Mont Blanc wallet came with $2 USD inside.”

This vibrant tree.

“The three distinct pieces my cup broke into when i dropped it”

These marker lines look 3D.

“The sun melted the frost on my side window by using the side mirror.”

“Traffic lights in Kigali have a countdown so you know how long until the lights change.”

“I knew it fell but I couldn’t find it.”

“My Neighbor’s Trees In An Autumn Gradient.”

“I finished this pen.”

“Found this fireplace in the woods while adventuring.”

A foggy street.

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