June 21, 2024

Welcome to the April Mental Health digital issue

Though this Anne-Marie issue was shot and the interview was done two weeks before the outbreak hit the UK, we felt the main topic she discusses – her mental health – couldn’t be more relevant to what we’re all going through right now.

With worries about our health, our finances and just simply, how do we manage in lockdown at the fore, her honesty and advice as someone who has suffered from anxiety could not be more welcome.

Welcome to GLAMOUR’s April digital issue, starring award-winning singer, Anne-Marie. The GLAMOUR team thought long and hard what the focus should be for this issue, and what kind of content we should be bringing you in these unprecedented – and quite frankly anxiety-driving times.

Last week on Instagram @glamouruk we asked you what stories you wanted to see. So many of you responded asking for us to continue posting the same entertainment, beauty and feel-good features that GLAMOUR has been bringing you for the past 19 years. We’ve listened.

Elsewhere in the issue, our Beauty Editor Lottie Winter (@lottieawinter) has written a follow-up to an article we published last year on what it’s like suffering from depression, when on the outside you have the most glamorous job and lifestyle. We also have a brilliant, practical guide on what you should do if you’re suffering from Coronavirus anxiety. And most importantly in these times, as much as we’re worried about ourselves, it’s never been more important to be kind and helpful to others who may also be feeling isolated or helpless. Read writer Marie-Claire Chappet’s feature: How to actually be kind during the Coronavirus pandemic.

As always, a big thank you to our Digital Director Bianca London @biancalondon and Entertainment Director Josh Smith @joshsmithhosts for pulling this issue together.

We hope you enjoy this cover and issue and as always, please do let me know what you think by contacting me on @deborah_joseph. Now more than ever, GLAMOUR is here for you.

Kylie Jenner has shared the isolation tips she learned while hiding her pregnancy

Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy with daughter Stormi was arguably one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets. Despite living her entire life under the spotlight of reality TV, social media and paparazzi cameras, the beauty entrepreneur and founder of Kylie Cosmetics managed to hide her baby bump from the outside world, only announcing her daughter’s arrival weeks after the birth.

Today on her Instagram page, she finally reveals how she achieved such secrecy, and attributes it to ‘self isolation’ – a term we are all very familiar with now that the spread of the novel Coronavirus has forced us all to practice social distancing and self-quarantining.

In a bid to encourage and reassure her 166 million followers, Kylie says “please stay inside and practise social distancing”, relaying the advice from official governing bodies that such precautions are necessary to slow the spread of the novel virus.

Kylie went on to share some top tips she learned from her months of social distancing while she was pregnant. “When I was pregnant, the reason why I kept it a secret is because I literally didn’t leave the house,” she says. “Towards the end of my pregnancy, helicopters would fly over my house every day so I was scared to even go outside. ”

Many of Kylie’s isolation activities centred around beauty; “I never let myself get bored… I would do full spa days and take long baths, do masks, take care of my skin, take care of my hair.

But Kylie also shared a more surprising pastime that she found particularly helpful; “Puzzles! I did so many puzzles when I was pregnant. Puzzles are underrated. ”

Kylie finished her message by reassuring her fans that we are all in this together. “Being at home is fun! We can have fun at home, guys. We can do this together. ”

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