June 20, 2024

Weight reduction with the help of advertised products can harm the body

Science in this millennium has fulfilled many dreams of past centuries, but tablets from excess weight – such as to eat and immediately lose weight – have not been invented.

The desire of people to become slim, without effort, without diet and exercise, drinking gulls and looking at the TV, is so great that a whole industry has appeared that produces funds for “lazy weight loss”. How to apply plasters, teas and supplements and whether you can lose weight, just walking into the bath, recognized the correspondent of SE.

The assortment of slimming devices is effortless without effort – these are various supplements to food, and SPA treatments, and folk remedies, for example, saunas, tea-kissels, and special plasters. Let’s start with the latter. This novelty on the market began to occupy the most trump cards on the chemist’s shelves.

Stick and lie

Many people think of plasters for weight loss seems ridiculous – it’s like that on a piece of fat to drip with the juice from the plants that are listed in the composition, and wait for that to dissolve. They joke that the plaster is good only for sticking a mouth to them. In fact, the principle of the means is as follows.

“There are patches locally,” says Olesya Shorina, an expert in the correction of the figure of the center “Sante Estetic”. – The substances that make up the composition do not destroy the fatty membrane itself, but affect the fibrous septa that lie between the fat cells. Due to the destruction of the fibrous framework, the utilization of adipose tissue is more active. ” And in fact, with the help of a plaster you can still lose weight! But, of course, not globally and locally: “If you urgently need to remove 2-3 kilograms, then the patch will help, but only accompanied by a low-calorie diet and only in the place where it is glued, – says Olesya Shorina. “If the extra pounds are more, then the band-aid is useless. ”

That is, in fact, a plaster (it costs about 1000 rubles) is not too well-nourished, the girl can paste on the “eyelet” sticking out on her hip before leaving, and, perhaps, the roughness will be smoothened.

Those who would like, sticking a patch on the big belly and continuing to eat french fries from the TV, get rid of the “makeweight”, will have to be disappointed – the miracle will not happen, and the money that could go to pay for classes in the gym will be thrown out. Well at least no harm is predicted – in a rare case, there may be slight allergic reactions, but you can not use the drug: it is contraindicated in pregnant, breastfeeding, children under 12 years old, those who have skin problems in the treated area, people after chemotherapy, suffering from diabetes and endocrine diseases.

Sitting to sweat

Almost everyone is sure that in a sauna you can lose weight. And many prove this, getting up after they have been well sweated, on the scales – a kilogram as it has not happened. This device was invented by the athletes, who so went to the right weight category before the competition. In fact, basically the body in the sauna gets rid of water, and just as quickly it restores water reserve, so that the kilogram dropped in the sauna will return back in the near future with the liquid being drunk. But there is a possibility that some fat decay products also leave the body at the time of heating, and regular visits to the sauna will give a result. “Any thermal procedures stimulate metabolic processes, which speeds up lipolysis, the breakdown of adipose tissue, so that the sauna promotes weight loss,” says Natalia Salnikova, a doctor at the “Effekt” health-improving center. – However, one sauna for weight loss is not enough – you need a set of procedures: diet, exercise, massage. After all, it is important not just to lose weight, but to give the body a beautiful shape, strengthen the muscular frame. ”

To introduce saunas into the complex of procedures for weight loss is not recommended on its own: high temperatures have many contraindications, for example, myoma, mastopathy. So, without the encouragement of a specialist, it is better not to sweat.

Drink and forget

Advertising offers a variety of options for eating and drinking for weight loss. Pharmacies sell medicines that cut off fats from metabolic processes and remove them from the body. But the problem is that in general, weight is gained not because of fatty foods, but because of the passion for sweet and flour. According to Olesya Shorina, while blocking fat metabolism, lovers of muffins and chocolate will not lose weight, but only spoil the skin and worsen the body’s condition – in fact, vitamins and trace elements are derived from fats. “Laxatives and diuretics are widely used as a means to lose weight,” continues the figure correction specialist. “They really lose weight with their help, but, firstly, the weight returns very quickly, as soon as you stop taking the medication, and secondly, this weight loss is not physiological, that is, it harms the body. ” The skin suffers, which does not have time to contract, muscle mass,

There are funds aimed at reducing appetite, but they have recently been sold only by prescription from an endocrinologist, and withdrawal from a free sale does not speak in favor of these drugs. Much more harmless dry mixes with fiber, which need to be washed with water, but their effect is not tricky: swelling, they occupy most of the stomach volume and just do not give much to eat. There are no physiological effects at the cellular level such mixtures do not.

Is it possible to lose weight without exercise? Yes, if you follow a strict diet. But the muscle mass will not become stronger and the fatty layer will return quickly. Unfortunately, and maybe, and fortunately (with laziness it is necessary to struggle), growing thin on a sofa is a utopia. A balanced and enriched diet (let it not be a diet), physical exercises (let it not be an exercise room, but a morning exercise), if possible, additional corrective procedures slowly but surely (and the skin will have time to pull up) will lead your body to a normal state. We must try.

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