June 17, 2024

Wearing color lenses without indications causes caution in doctors

Every woman has her own claims to nature: someone has a long nose and her legs are short. When the curly-haired people stubbornly iron their hair, most of the female population is worn with hair curlers.

But most of all claims to the eyes – then they are not expressive enough, they are not enough. And in general, the color does not suit. Brunettes want a blue-eyed look, and blondes – to understand what the secret lies in the eyes of the color of the night.

Today it is quite feasible with the help of colored contacts. The nuances of the event were clarified by the correspondent of SE.

The device resembling a modern lens, invented more than Leonardo da Vinci. The first practical results in this field appeared at the end of the XIX century – the first glass lens found its patient. But a real revolution happened in the middle of the last century, when the first lens of hydrogel material appeared, which became the grandmother of all modern soft contact lenses.

Wearing color lenses without indications causes caution in doctors

Brothers by color

Color lenses have a difference in comparison with the usual ones: a pigment. They are divided into shade and colored. The first ones are suitable for light-eyed: they are easily painted, they shade the natural color and give accent. But only the painted lenses can “cover” the natural dark color of the eyes. The pigment imitates the iris patterns, and the pupil zone always remains transparent and, importantly, unchanged.

“When you narrow the pupil, you will see a part of your own iris. This always raises many questions.

Therefore, the patient needs to be warned about this, “- the experience of Vision-Express, the ophthalmologist of the Salon, Julia Lukyanova, shares. According to interviewed consultants of several salons, blondes are most popular with violet – it is won by light eyes. Brunettes are in demand lenses of dark blue color, as well as all shades of green.

A separate group consists of the so-called carnival lenses: special lovers can get the eyes of a cat or snake. Lovers, according to consultants, are activated for Halloween. In the rest of the time, demand is low and unstable.

Lenses Crazy, monthly replacement (effects: cat’s eye, walleye, spiral, dollar, red eye), salon “Tamara” – 2300 rub.

The choice: to try on on itself

The myth that color lenses can be bought independently, put on and start changing the image, is very stable and extremely dangerous. “Any lens is a foreign body in the eye, and before choosing them, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Otherwise, you can earn so many problems that you will not want to change any color anymore, “the ophthalmologist of the Tamara salon Svetlana Vostretsova began talking with these words.

What is the difference between lenses?

• Diopters

Wearing color lenses without indications causes caution in doctors

Color lenses can be corrective and “zero”, without diopters. Every famous brand has a similar ruler. Lenses without diopters also differ in radius of curvature (simpler – convexity), diameter and material. At the doctor’s reception in the optics salon there is a mandatory fitting from the test kits: it can show that the lens is, for example, not the size – it presses or slides through the expanses of the cornea.

What’s interesting: doctors are positive about those who wore lenses, but suddenly he wanted to “play” with the change of style, but if a person comes only to change the image, and he does not need correction, then this causes caution:

“I’m afraid of patients who wear colored lenses without evidence,” says Irina Smirnova, director of the Center for Prevention and Treatment of Myopia, MD, ophthalmologist Irina Smirnova, “they often treat this as entertainment. ”

Acuvue2 ​​Colors, a two-week replacement, “Iris-optics” – 300 rubles. for pcs.
FreshLook, monthly replacement, salon “Svetlana” – 420 rubles. for pcs.

• Replacement time

Three months, a month or two weeks – usually the issue is solved by a more economical option. But experts are unanimous: a shorter lens life gives more comfort and reduces the risk of complications. “The lenses of daily scheduled replacement are ideal for today”, Irina Yurievna comments. The fact is that the more moisture in the lens, the less it “lives”.

Note on the margins: in the optics of our city, colored contact lenses were not found on a daily basis. However, we will write this down on their novelty (and potential high cost).

They say

Lenses doctorscan wear not every fashionista. And not even all those who are shown correction: colds, pollinoses, runny nose, inflammatory diseases of the eyes – a taboo on wearing lenses. The same applies to the presence in gassed, dusty and air-conditioned rooms. Lenses like cleanliness and moisture, and nothing can be done about it. If the problem with the air conditioner is not solved, then the purchase of special drops to eliminate the dryness of the eye will become for you not a whim, but a necessity.

Ophthalmologist Salon Optics-style, a doctor of the highest category, Olga Germanova, warns women who take oral contraceptives:

“The life of the lens in this case should be divided into two, after which it is safe to throw out: hormonal preparations accelerate the settling of proteins on the lens, which shortens the life of the lens. ”

But the fear that colored lenses can impair vision, according to doctors, is groundless. With the reservation “with the right selection and hygiene. ”

Wearing color lenses without indications causes caution in doctors

When care is the guarantee of health

Most of the serious problems arise precisely because of frivolity in this matter:

“The first rule: always in a purse or in a pocket you need to have a container with you. The wind, something started spinning, turning, dust, smog, you got in a dusty room – you need to remove the lens, ”

– focuses the attention of the associate professor of ophthalmology department of the NGMU Tatiana Kim. Emotionality of the doctor is explained very simply: most of the cases of complications on the cornea are the wearing of lenses in inappropriate conditions.

Do not remove the lens at night – the second, which can not be done. Recently, silicone-hydrogel lenses of continuous wear have appeared: they can not be removed at night. But there are no such colored ones yet.

Lenses, mascara and rules of good taste

Having put on lenses, the girl should reconsider habits in make-up. Avoid carcasses to increase volume – their microparticles tend to fall into your eyes. Mascara should be marked for admissibility for sensitive eyes. Loose powder and shade should be replaced with pressed powder. Aerosols are applied after putting on the lenses, the eyes need to be squeezed well: lacquer particles can hopelessly spoil the lens. Lenses are worn and removed before the procedures: in the morning – before applying makeup, in the evening – before cleaning the face.

In general, lenses – both conventional and color – impose on the owner of a large commitment. Of course, the acquisition of color lenses is a good way to change your image. If there is such an opportunity, she needs to take advantage. But we must not forget that a colored lens is not a new hairpin, a brooch or a hat, because this detail of the image is related to the health of the eyes.

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