June 21, 2024

We Tried JSHealth Skin and Digestion Formula And Here’s How We Got On

Whether it’s maskne, hormonal or even rosacea — acne can seriously destroy our confidence or lower our self-esteem.  Those of us that suffer from acne spend months, if not years, trying to find the right creams or supplements to calm it down or cure our bouts of spots.

But for years, women have been raving about an Insta-famous brand of vitamins that are helping to clear their acne — leaving their skin looking fresh and acne-free.

Aussie brand JSHealth, founded by nutritionist Jessica Sepel and created alongside leading health experts, boasts a range of best-selling vitamins and supplements using ‘the transformational power of nutrients. . . with powerful ingredients backed by science’.

The vitamins with literally thousands of 5-star reviews on social media are the brand’s Skin and Digestion Formula — which, as well as helping with digestion problems, promise to promote glowing skin. The description goes on to say that they are perfect for eczema and blemish control, while they also reduce cystic pimples, blackheads, redness, face bumps, large pores and menstrual hormonal breakouts. The best news? They’ve got 25% off with Black Friday (along with all JSHealth Vitamins) until 28th November, so they’re slashed from £29. 99 to £22. 50.

One very happy Amazon customer left a review raving about the wonders it’s done for her skin, in just three months, saying: «Last year I had an allergic reaction to some medication, and it made my skin break out like NEVER before. It completely lowered my self-esteem and no matter what I put on my skin or took, NOTHING worked. »

JSHealth Vitamin Skin + Digestion Formula — 60 Tablets

The woman, who has shared before and after pictures of her amazing transformation, went on to say: «In the pics you can see my face before, completely covered with acne. In the pic I just took right now, you can see the blemishes that acne left, and also acne caused by the use of a face mask, but other than that, NOTHING ELSE! ! ! I am now receiving these monthly, and honestly, I think I will take them forever! »

Other glowing reviews come from another happy customer under the name of Emma, who left a review saying: «I’m definitely less inflamed and I have less breakouts on my forehead and cheeks, which is where my diet usually causes the issues. »

One more review went as far to say the vitamins were ‘magic in a bottle’. The woman, named Michaela, said: «Been taking skin and digestion for a little over two weeks now, I have always suffered from horrible breakouts, pimples and cystic acne. »

«It has completely destroyed my confidence for many years after trying countless medications and countless creams, I decided to take a whim on this product I have taken the hair and skin vitamins and can honestly say this had dramatically cleared up my skin! I am beyond happy I finally found something that works that doesn’t cost an arm or a leg. »

Hoping to find out if they actually lived up to the hype, we put them to the test ourselves. We asked Georgie Cooper, 28, from Birmingham, to take the supplements for 12 weeks and analyse the effect they had on her skin. Georgie was suffering from a smattering of under-the-skin acne and was desperate to clear her skin without turning to harsh creams and treatments.

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