April 17, 2024

We spoke to Betina Goldstein, the legend behind Instagram’s

We’ve been wondering… Where does she get her inspiration from? What’s her trick to getting DIY nails right? And, what will we all be wearing on our tips this autumn? So, naturally, we called on the woman herself to give us all the insider intel.

If you’ve dipped your toe (or fingertips) into the world of nail art, chances are one of your designs will have been inspired by Instagram’s leading nail virtuoso, Betina Goldstein.

It’s undeniable. Where she goes, the rest of us follow. If you spotted Picasso nails on your Instagram feed a few months back, Goldstein started the trend. Those rainbow nails everyone is replicating? Those came straight from Betina.

As for gradient nails (you know, where each finger tip is painted a different shade of the same colour) – you guessed it, Goldstein has been rocking those for months.

How did you get started with nail art? What’s your background and what drew you to nails?

“I started by experimenting with nail art on myself,” Betina told GLAMOUR UK. “I created looks I wanted to wear, and then by pushing myself technically and creatively. Nails and nail art became a way to express myself. ”

How long does a nail look usually take you?

“It depends on how intricate the design is. Some designs require a lot of trial and error. If a design didn’t come out how I wanted it to, I’ll take it off and start over using different techniques or colours. Some designs I can do with my eyes closed, so this is always a hard question to answer for me. ”

Where do you take inspiration from?

“Nature, textiles and architecture. ”

What’s a beauty trend you’ve never been able to get on board with/a technique you’ll never master?

“For nails I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get on board with the short square nail when the tip of the nail is ruler straight along the top. I don’t like to tell myself I can never do anything, because it sets a mental wall up. I think if you practice and are persistent you can master anything you set your mind to. ”

What’s your best nail hack? And your best tip for doing your nails yourself at home?

“If you smudge a nail, wait until the polish is dry then lightly buff the area that is smudged (with a nail buffer), apply another coat of polish and top coat, smudge fixed!

Another tip is, after you get out of the shower buff your cuticles and apply a heavy moisturiser like Burt’s Bees Hand Salve. It’s my mini manicure hack. And, a tip for polishing at home, is to leave your thumbs for the very last, this way you can use them to clean up any mistakes. ”

You’re not afraid to experiment with fun and playful looks, how do you incorporate colour and graphic shapes in a way that still looks stylish?

“If I am going to incorporate a lot of colour or accents I like to keep a sheer base to balance everything out. Balance is key. ”

If readers wanted to be a little more experimental with their nails but didn’t know where to start, what would you recommend?

“I recommend starting with something super minimal like a double cornered French or incorporating a small pearl or gold accent to their manicure. Another great gateway to nail art is the multicoloured nail art or gradient nail art. Choose a colour palette and paint each finger a different colour. ”

“I think we will see a lot of green this autumn along with burnt oranges and gold. I also believe we will continue to see different designs incorporating the 1/2 nail art trend. I am excited about continuing to create design that play with mixing textures. ”

What 3 products do you always have in your kit?
What’s been the best moment of your career so far?

“Launching Doublemoss Jewelry. ” The delicate chain rings from Betina’s jewellery often feature in her nail pictures.

What one word would you use to describe your look?


What’s the best piece of beauty advice you’ve ever been given?

Sometimes less is more.

Aside from nails, which products do you love using at the moment?

My essentials are, Augustinus Bader “The Rich Cream”, Biolage Hydra-source Deep Treatment Pack, Clinique Long Wear Mascara, Benefit 24 hr Brow Setter, Chanel Brow Powder Duo, Aesop Resurrection Hand Cream, Chanel Rouge Allure Liquid Powder in Bittersweet, Herbivore Coco-Rose Body Scrub.

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