June 17, 2024

We put Huda’s latest launch to the test and this is what happened

I’m a makeup obsessive and I wear it most days. I love eyeshadow but rarely take the time to apply it, so the quicker it is to get on my face the better.

My eye looks are relatively uncomplicated, so I tend to lean towards formulas and products that are easy to apply and blend. I prefer to create eye looks with just one shade for a wash of colour or I’ll use a couple if I want more dimension. Liquid shadows are a favourite to use as they’re usually so easy to apply.

The Huda Beauty Matte Metal Melted Shadows are unlike anything I’ve come across before. The packaging and formula are pretty unique to other liquid eyeshadows on the market, and I love that they can be used by anyone, whether you’re a pro at applying eyeshadow or a complete rookie.

The matte has turned out to be the easiest side of these dual-ended shadows to work with for me. Only a small amount of the matte product is needed (Huda recommends three dots on the lid) and it’s easy to dab on with the doe-foot applicator. It blends out effortlessly and is really quick. If you use a brush blending looks more seamless, but it can also be dabbed out with fingers.

The colour can be built up a little but most of the shades deliver enough pigment in one hit that it’s not really needed. In fact, you can overdo it with these and I’ve found adding too much product on top can lift the product underneath when you try to blend, so it’s better to start with less and build up gradually. The liquid dries down fairly fast so you have to work quickly, and once it’s on, it doesn’t budge.

The metal side of the product is entirely different. The metals are intended to be applied in a few different ways; over the entire lid as an easy cut crease, applied thinly like eyeliner or dabbed onto the inner corners for some eye-light. They’re really beautiful shades but the formula isn’t my favourite. There’s no doe-foot applicator on the metal side, instead there’s a thin brush.

This makes it easier to create thin lines but I find it can also pick up too much of the formula. And when applied too heavily, the metal formula can crack and look thick on the eye. When blending I prefer to use my fingers with this one, as a brush seems to remove the product from the lid and this is when patchiness can occur. The pay-off once it’s on is so good, I love the grown-up shimmery finish and it stays put too.

I’ve mostly been using these shadows alone but you can layer powder shadows on top for more dimension. Once you get the hang of using these they are such an easy way to create an eye look that looks like you’ve put a lot of effort in (but really you’ve just swiped and dabbed).


There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to these liquid shadows, as they’re so different to other products on the market but I’d say they’re still pretty beginner-friendly. I love the result you can get with just a few steps, and the shades look beautiful on and they last really well.

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