We just discovered Zara’s secret, sustainable collection, and it’s incredible

As we all become more and more aware of the importance of shopping sustainably, the retail world can feel like a minefield to navigate.

With buzzwords such as ‘eco collections’, ‘ethical fashion‘ and ‘sustainably sourced’ scattered haphazardly around the high street – and with many such concepts mutually exclusive and therefore providing an almost impossible choice between supposed ‘thoughtful’ shopping options – it can be difficult to know which to prioritise.

It comes, therefore, as a very welcome surprise that many of us have been shopping sustainably all along without even realising it, thanks to high street stalwart Zara’s secret ‘Join Life’ collection.

Almost indistinguishable from the brand’s mainline offering, Join Life is a fashion-forward selection that you’ve likely unknowingly been shopping for years.
Having launched in 2016, the collection comprises pieces made from sustainable raw materials such as organic cotton, recycled fibres and Tencel, a plant-based textile taken from sustainably managed forests.

Incorporating everything from classic staples – jeans, blouses, plain t-shirts, puffer jackets etc. – to more fashion-forward statement pieces such as sculptural-heeled mules, tie-dye shirts, floral midi dresses and slogan sweatshirts, they’re stylish pieces that complete every typical wardrobe. They just happen to be sustainable, too.

So if you were looking for an excuse to update your own sartorial offering, Join Life are providing one guilt-free…

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