April 17, 2024

We hope the UK implements similar legislation

From 2023, people living in California will not, by law, be allowed to sell or make clothing with animal fur and if they disobey the law, they could face a fine of $500 (£395) or $1,000 for repeat cases.

California has become the first US state to ban both the manufacture and sale of animal fur in a major move for the fashion industry.

Discussing the move, Governor Gavin Newsom saying: “California is a leader when it comes to animal welfare and today that leadership includes banning the sale of fur. ”

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the ban doesn’t include leather, cow hides and the full skin of deer, sheep and goats.

Speaking to GLAMOUR about the move, PETA UK’s Director, Elisa Allen, said: “People around the world are flinging their faux-fur hats into the air, happy that California has made history by passing a PETA US–backed bill that bans the production and sale of animal fur.

“This victory was years in the making, and it will spare countless animals the agony of being beaten, electrocuted, and skinned alive for environmentally toxic fur items that shoppers no longer want and top designers no longer use.

“We hope the UK implements similar legislation prohibiting the sale of cruelly obtained fur. ”

Despite many animal activist’s joy, the move was criticised by the Fur Information Council’s spokesman, Keith Kaplan, who said it was a “radical vegan agenda using fur as the first step to other bans on what we wear and eat. ”

The anti-fur movement is fully gaining force in the fashion world, with Burberry, Gucci, Coach and Michael Kors having recently reviewed their policy on using animal products in their collections.

Prada came under the spotlight last year when the Humane Society reported that the brand were selling jackets made from fox fur and mink fur, leading to a growing campaign for the fashion house to adopt a fur-free approach in line with modern consumers’ attitudes, which is has now announced it will, starting with its spring-summer 2020 line.

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