We cook pork in sweet and sour sauce under the supervision of the sushi of the restaurant “Hieroglyph”

Red is the traditional festive color of China. Pork in sweet and sour sauce will provide a feast not only of color but also of taste.

“The art of governing a great state is like the art of cooking a small fish,” said the great Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu. To prepare food, the Chinese treated with all seriousness – they were looking for special combinations of colors in a dish, they created a theory of harmonization of nutrition. According to the Chinese tradition, each dish should have three characteristics – color, aroma and taste. One of the most popular dishes – pork in sweet and sour sauce – has all the characteristics: it looks beautiful, smells appetizing, the taste is juicy and pleasant. How to properly cook pork in sweet and sour sauce, told and shown the cushion of the restaurant “Hieroglyph” Sergei Usynin.

To prepare, we need: 120 g of low-fat pork without veins (loin or cut), 30 g of canned pineapple, 30 g of bell pepper, 80 g of sauce, 20 g of starch, frying oil and green onions for decoration.

Each cook has his own sauce recipe – of course, secret. We managed to learn only its composition – classic Heinz ketchup, sweet rice wine (mirin), which will give sweetness to sauce, Kikkoman soy sauce and a little sugar.

Bulgarian pepper is cut into triangles, and we use only equal parts of pepper, bumps and bulges do not need us.

Finely chopped pork plastics must be rolled in starch.

Starch will provide a crispy crust and will not allow the meat to lose shape and fall apart.

The next stage – frying pork, will require a large amount of vegetable oil.

Before you drop the pieces of meat into a frying pan, make sure that the oil has reached the necessary temperature – it should be hot.

Shaking off excess starch, send the pork into the burning oil.

Do not stop stirring, fry the meat for 5 minutes. In no case, do not overcook, the pieces should be pale, not fried.

It’s not too late, we remove the frying pan from the fire and send the contents to the sieve. You can remove the meat with noise.

In a small amount of oil, lightly fry the triangles of pepper – one minute is enough: the pepper should remain damp inside.

Send the pieces of pineapple to the pepper. Fry, stirring, for 20 seconds.

Then pour in the prepared cold sauce, bring it to a boil …

… and put the fried pork into a sweet and sour sauce.

Mix everything to make the sauce evenly distributed …

… and remove from the fire. It remains to lay out on the plate …

… and decorate with green onions.

In order to get green curls, just cut the arrows of the green onions first across, and then along.

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