We bring you the UK’s most unique Airbnbs

Enter Airbnb – the treasure trove of beautiful and unique holiday rentals right here on our doorstep.

And it seems that Brits have not let the pandemic and cancelled jaunts abroad dampen their wanderlust, as they are seeking out options closer to home. Indeed, Airbnb data shows that, while the most wish listed homes in 2019 were flung far across the globe, this year Brits are anticipating holidays closer to home and are inspired by the incredible homes and places on their native shores.

In 2019, Grecian cave houses and an oceanfront villas in Brazil led the top 10. This year, the list is composed entirely of English boltholes, from a forest lodge in Stoke on Trent, to an oak cabin in Hemel Hempstead and a windmill in Kent. How quaint.

Just because Coronavirus has put our lives on hold for the past few months and ceased our international travel plans doesn’t mean that summer is cancelled.

In fact, millions of Brits are using this summer to rediscover the magic of the UK and plough some much-needed money back into our crippled economy.

Yes, you might have had your heart set on a week of beach club parties in Ibiza or a fortnight exploring Bali but the UK has so much to offer if you know where to look.

The list also reveals that Brits are looking at rustic stays in idyllic settings surrounded by nature, with 70% of the list made up of lodges, cabins and glamping options, such as this off-grid geodesic dome that offers guests a ‘back to basics’ experience.

Looking for the aforementioned? A staycation that’s so unique you won’t even miss Nikki Beach? A hideaway so secluded you won’t see another soul for seven days? A place so ‘grammable it’ll blow those generic Bali swing snaps out of the water?

Well, we’ve called on the gurus at the travel giant to curate the 10 most unique Airbnbs you can stay at this summer – and with availability from July, your dream staycation is just a click away.

There’s a lakeside shepherd’s hut in Worcestershire, a boutique windmill in Suffolk and a romantic treehouse in Somerset just begging to feature on the ‘gram.

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