May 25, 2024

We asked a lipstick obsessive to try Glossier’s Generation G Sheer Matte Lipstick

Glossier calls them the “new kind of lip colour” that gives a just-blotted finish, without the blot. They say, “they’relipsticksthat adapt to you, not the other way around… swipe onto naked lips – once or twice for a subtle wash of colour; three or four swipes for stronger colour payoff. ”

Generation G Sheer Matte Lipsticks, £14, Glossier

REVIEWER: Lesley Buckle, Influencer


I’m a lipstick hoarder and obsessive as they’re the main way I like to experiment with makeup. I love using different lip colours as a quick and easy way to totally change my look.


It usually has to be super pigmented and finish-wise, I love matte, satin, glossy, whatever – it just has to be comfortable to wear.


Glossier are one of the few brands that made me really re-think makeup in terms of what it should do and how to use it. Their whole philosophy is skincare first, makeup second. Their products are designed to enhance your look, not create a new one entirely so a lot of the products are dialled-back but really easy to use.

Their lipstick range, Generation G, has been around for a while but just got a shiny update with new packaging and a new formula. There’re only 6 shades – Cake, Crush, Like, Zip, Jam and Leo – but Glossier describes these as the most important. Ranging from peachy, bright pink, purple and brown tones, there’s nudes and brights to play with.

It’s possibly one of the most unique lipstick formulas I’ve come across – it’s matte, ultra-sheer and it goes on like a balm. It contains a mix of sunflower and synthetic beeswax and the waxy formula makes it hard to overdo it. There’s no need for liner – it’s literally swipe on and go for a soft, natural blotted look. Compared to the old, the new formula feels lighter on the lips, the texture is more matte and more sheer.

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I really like the sheerer payoff even though I usually prefer something more pigmented as it’s even easier to create a natural lip look. The downside is when I do want more pigment, it takes a lot of swipes to build up the colour. Despite this, most of the shades are the same as the last formulation – apart from Leo, which is more neutral. There’s definitely room for more shades, especially richer, deeper colours to suit darker skintones. I tend to lean towards reds, pinks and nudes more so Zip (poppy red), Crush (hot raspberry pink) and Leo (cocoa brown) are my favourite shades to wear.

Overall, the packaging feels far more luxe and durable than before. The plastic is stronger and there’s now metal casing to secure the bullet. The previous packaging was prone to cracking, the lid could come loose, and the bullet could fall out easily – there’s no signs of this with the new packaging so far. These are definitely an improvement on the last.


The Generation G lipsticks are not what I’d usually go for in a lipstick but it’s hard not to love these. All of the colours look beautiful on and because it’s a sheer wash of colour they’re so easy to use and the finish is super natural. They’re the ideal no-fuss lip for everyday. I usually have one of these in my bag to add a quick flush of colour on the go.

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