June 13, 2024

Watch the stomach-churning moment surgeons removed 14 wriggling worms from a woman’s organs

A scan revealed she had more than a dozen live roundworms, measuring between 15cm and 20cm each, in her bile duct.

Stomach-churning footage shows the moment surgeons removed 14 wriggling worms from a woman’s organs.

The woman, known only as Sunita, 38, went to hospital after suffering from severe abdominal pain that left her unable to stand, as well as suffering from fever, vomiting and jaundice for six months.

Surgeons, at Fortis Hospital, New Delhi, removed the creatures endoscopically, without surgery.

The roundworms are thought to have entered Sunita’s guts after eggs got into the food chain via contaminated soil.

Nauseating footage shows the moment 14 worms were removed from a woman’s organs.

The worms, which measured between 15 and 20cm, were removed from her bile duct.

Lead surgeon Dr Arvind Khurana (pictured) said it is rare for such worms to be in the bile duct.

‘My pain was so bad I could barely stand’

Speaking after the operation, Sunita said: ‘My pain was so bad I could barely stand. I had lost over 12kg (26lbs) in a month.

‘Thankfully they were able to diagnose my condition.

‘Once the surgery was completed I was completely pain free. I am recovering and feeling much better now. ’

Dr Khurana adds worms are common in India due to deworming medication not being used.

Forceps were used to remove the worms, with the woman immediately being pain free.

Image shows the worms being removed endoscopically, without any invasive surgery.

‘To see 14 worms is extremely rare’

Dr Arvind Khurana, who led the surgery, added: ‘Sunitaunderwent an endoscopic procedure. This was a daunting task. All the worms were removed using snares and forceps.

‘While it is common to find worms in intestines, it is uncommon for them to be found in the bile duct.

‘India has the highest number of cases related to worms as the deworming medication is not routinely administered. However, to see 14 worms is extremely rare.

‘The patient had taken a second opinion at other hospitals, which had misdiagnosed the condition and prescribed antibiotics for the pain.

He said: ‘Once properly diagnosed, we managed to remove all the roundworms in a single session.

‘Immediately after the removal, the patient was pain free. ’

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