Wallpaper pics: SEALs will take your River

Time for some kick-m’ther-F*ckin-ASS wallpaper photos.

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Our Navy has built “brown water” Special Forces units based on a very special group that served in the Vietnam War.

During the war in ’Nam, the Navy’s Riverine Forces was the MOST HIGHLY DECORATED UNIT to serve during the Hell that was Vietnam.

This unit earned their accolades the hard way…

…1 out of 3 men in this unit lost their life.

Today the U.S. Navy has modeled the current river units after these Vietnam living and fallen Heroes.

Simplifying the Riverine Force units, it works as a joint force under the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC).

These joint units are jacks-of-all-trade with Special Ops. Force guys from the Marines (MSRON) to the Navy SEALs

They can include individuals with specific skills such as EOD for dealing with explosives in the mission’s path.

In fact, there is also an Army unit in this mix. Top of the list are the world’s best helicopter pilots from Army’s SOAR team.

“Drop ‘em off and let ‘em play”.

From the Vietnam War, the Army’s SF 458th “Sea Tigers” are now known as Spc. Ops. Craft – Riverine (SOC-R)…but they are now a US Marine unit.

No joke, this photo is freaking AWESOME at 3K pix. width…HERE (Make sure to “expand” the image to full screen).

The Navy also has the Coastal Riverine Squadron (CORIVRON).

These guys are in the bigger boats where they spend day and night watching over our ports and coastline.

That’s the short version of these silent, deadly, very elite teams.

So why the title “SEALs”?

First-off, Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen (SWCC)…that’s the specific SEAL team for river raiding and/or extraction missions.

Also, there’s a SEAL Team Six attachment RIVGRU. Real, real secretive orders from above.

And third on the list, non-Military Chivers know the term SEALs. When ya put a f*ck-ton of time into a gallery, simply I just want the post to get a couple “clicks”…plus it’s only 4-letters long which keeps the title short-sweet and to the point.

At the end of the day, this small group of river/coastal guys know the sacrifices made to create their teams.

As with all transportation units, they understand the concept of “Joint Forces”.

These photos along with about 40 more images are in a Wallpaper format at 3,000-pixel width.

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