Walking on the hairpin promotes the development of cellulite and deprives the buttocks of elasticity

To the hairpins a woman has a special love. Hairpin is more than shoes, for a modern inhabitant of a megacity it is a whole cult. Sitting on a diet and saving up for a precious pair of shoes expensive brand is not considered shameful today. 

A woman with high heels always attracts attention, and every step is fraught with a broken man’s heart. But the spectacular gait has its flip side.

About what else is threatened with a step on a thin hairpin, SHE correspondent talked with specialists dealing with foot problems.

At the center of gravity

A fragile female leg carries a huge load, regardless of the weight of the hostess. It is arranged as a unique shock absorber, which takes on all the life strikes that urban asphalt or pavement tiles reward us daily and in large quantities. If you imagine that the foot is made easier, then the sensation of walking could be compared with the rattle of a cart, which is rolled on a rocky terrain. However, with the help of heels, we can easily bring ourselves closer to this dubious pleasure in sensation. Let us consider in more detail what happens when a lady gets up on his heels.

The first and most noticeable: the posture changes. This is exactly what millions of women in the world worship for. Loin recoils, the priest is rounded. Meanwhile, the mechanism for the emergence of this beauty is cunning: a high heel forces the body to adapt to a change in the center of gravity – it shifts forward. And to compensate for this displacement, new bends form in the spine.

“From the point of view of aesthetics, wearing a high heel creates the effect of rounded buttocks. It is achieved by the so-called “rollover” of the pelvis. In order to maintain balance, a woman has to re-break the spine in the lumbar region.

Or bend the legs in the knees and hip joints, which gives a similar effect, but it does not look so nice: this reaction can be observed in old people “, – commented the orthopedic physician of the clinic” Zdravitsa “Vladimir Koshkin. About dubious aesthetics of heels and knees bent, knows, perhaps, every lady is still from the age of green youth.

And with the position of the body on his heels, all parts of the spine are involved in the process of maintaining the balance: to compensate for the overextension in the lower back, the shoulders go forward, the muscles of the cervical region become unnecessarily strained. As a result, this leads to stooped posture, instability of the cervical region, headaches. Often, the patients of the orthopedist eventually become those ladies who complain not only of pain, heaviness in the legs and vascular asterisks, but also suffering from insomnia, headaches or increased irritability.

There is also an invisible part of the iceberg: excessive muscle tension causes a worsening of the circulation of the pelvic organs, displaces their position. This is fraught with frequent visits to the gynecologist, as well as cosmetic complaints: the deterioration of the outflow of lymph in the lower limbs is known to be directly related to the development of the orange peel.

By the way, when walking on heels, the tone of the gluteal muscles decreases, because they are not involved in the process. “These muscles with the so-called overturned pelvis are turned off from the movement,” – commented Vladimir Koshkin.

A flat moment

If ten women are ranked in a row and shown to a specialist, the diagnosis of “flat feet” will be in six of them. This is a sad statistics, cited by specialists. According to doctors, so women pay for their love for model shoes. A flat stop stops playing the role of a shock absorber, and the knuckles take the first blow. So, for example, Sarah Jessica Parker once confessed that during the filming of “Sex and the City” she dangled her knees precisely because of the love of her heroine to high heels.

“I’m comfortable with them”, – the iron argument of the amateur runner on the stilettos in the shops.

“Despite the deformation and flattening of the foot, the compensatory mechanisms allow to withstand loads without significant visible deformation, and it seems that walking on heels is more convenient. But then there is a sharp deterioration, which often leads to the need for surgical intervention, “

– says the doctor-podologist of the medical center” Avanta-Med “Alexander Stepanov.

Because of the abnormal redistribution of load, the calcaneal tendon is inactive and gradually atrophies, the movement of the ankle is limited, the muscles are deformed. Develops the infamous “bone”, blood circulation in the foot is broken, there are constant pains. Outwardly it is manifested by edema, varicose veins, and if you look at the bottom of the foot – a large number of dry calluses – corns.

You can not stop

However, calluses on heels can hardly frighten the calluses. And to refuse them for many is unthinkable. In this case, it is worth reducing their height. Strictly speaking, ballet shoes are not an ideal option either. A small heel is necessary for proper load distribution. If, when walking on heels, the absolute part of the weight falls on the toe, then when you wear the ballet weights fall on the heel.

Ideal is a heel from 3 to 5 centimeters: if you measure the load distribution, it will be equal to the toe and heel part.

But no heel and no even the most perfect shoe will replace the return to the roots. Walking barefoot (but not on the asphalt or parquet!) Is the ideal training of the muscles of the feet. If walking around barefoot does not allow the environment, create yourself an artificial range: buy a rug with spines or get a box with stones. Not so great costs for the health of your feet.

You can perform simple exercises: periodically with an effort rotate ankle. Sitting, point the feet at yourself, and then pull them forward. Standing on the doorstep or stairs, rise on your socks. Exercises bring an effect, but only on condition of regular performance (however, as in any other workout).

And the last tip, which should listen to all, without exception, women of fashion: if you buy a beautiful and expensive shoes, and spend on quality orthopedic insoles. Insoles with a preventive instep make the shoes more comfortable, slightly springy, contribute to a uniform distribution of the load on the foot and ensure the prevention of flatfoot. To make it easier to navigate in the selection, visit a specialist-podogoga. Today, such doctors are taking in the centers of beauty and health. Modern science does not stand still and has taken care of even those who have put everything at the feet of beauty – literally. Use her achievements just as you use the achievement of the XVII century – the heel.

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