The choice of makeup artists for the New year

Havechoose the image for the new year? Tell about top 30 tools that will make your makeup unique.

Skin preparation

Spot Band patches Smile Zone Patch and Spot Band V Zone Patch, Holika Holika

All patches strong acid-collagen composition that makes the skin more taut. Due to the heavy contact patches with the skin we feel the lifting effect. Ale recommended to apply the patches directly to the serum – effect of the patches increases.

Патчи Spot Band Smile Zone Patch и Spot Band V Zone Patch, Holika Holika

In addition, they are not available in a single size that allows you to tighten them to your face. The area under the eyes Ale advised to apply patches as close as possible to capture those areas that are usually left unattended. And yet they are very comfortably attached behind the ears.

Serum Advanced Night Repair, Estee Lauder

Сыворотка Advanced Night Repair, Estee Lauder

A few drops massaged rubbed into the skin. It becomes smooth and shining. Serum is based on hyaluronic acid, eliminates peeling and dryness. Leaves no greasy film. This serum can be applied before and after makeup: if you feel that dryness persists, use over makeup.

Primer Photo Finish Oil Primer, Smashbox

Праймер Photo Finish Primer Oil, Smashbox

In most cases the ideal all – for it and love it. Before applying mixed with powder. Primer is done on the basis of a complex of the 15 oils and gives tonal cream overdry the skin. Can also be used alone: apply a few drops on clean face morning and evening.

Base under the shade of the Eye Shadow Primer Potion Original, Urban Decay

База под тени Eye Shadow Primer Potion Original, Urban Decay

Love the versatility. Never came across a tool that on that basis bad to rastushevyvaet. Database can not be seen on the eyelids, it is easy to apply, dries quickly and really holds the shade throughout the day.

Balm Top Secrets, Yves Saint Laurent
Бальзам Top Secrets, Yves Saint Laurent

Before applying lipstick, especially in winter, always apply balm to lips – for example, Top Secrets from Yves Saint Laurent.

Foundation and concealers

Tone creams Lasting Silk and Luminous Silk, Giorgio Armani

Тональные кремы Lasting Silk и Luminous Silk, Giorgio Armani

This is the best tools for winter and for dry skin. The texture Luminous Silk fatter than the Lasting Silk. I often mix them. Perfectly evens the tone, not clogged in the pores and does not dry up, hide facial wrinkles.

Foundation All Nighter, Urban Decay

Тональная основа All Nighter, Urban Decay

I recommend this tool if you want to get a dense matte finish. For effect you need a minimal amount of cream so take quite a bit of money. I put it round shlifovannoj brush (e.g. No. 104 from the brand Zoeva) or byteblastermv. Due to the high pigmentation All Nighter does not look like a mask on his face, he is very resistant, suitable for both day and evening make-up. Urban Decay released this Foundation in 24 shades, from light brown to almost 0.5 to 12.0. Important: carefully use a moisturiser if the skin is prone to peeling and dryness.

Concealer Secret Camouflage, Laura Mercier

Консилер Secret Camouflage, Laura Mercier

Alternatives to it is not – dense texture, with good stretches, unique. Paint not only under the eye – perfect for disguising blemishes on the T-zone and small imperfections. Can be layering. On the face is almost not felt – weightless. Without this concealer does not do any makeup.

Radiant Creamy Concealer, Nars

Radiant Creamy Concealer, Nars

Any evening make-up requires consideration of the zone under the eyes. Nars have recently released a new concealer – Radiant Creamy Concealer. Creamy, perfectly diffuses the light and conceals imperfections. Smoothes fine lines and pores.

CC cream Erborian Pink Perfect Creme

СС-крем Pink Perfect Creme Erborian 

My skin perfect CC cream. I found in the line of Erborian a tool that properly sets off the color of the skin. The product is a little dry, not shiny, gives a matte finish, beautiful color and almost invisible. However, I can not advise it for those who have dry skin, you most likely will not work.

Tools for eyebrow

Set makeup eyebrow Sourcils De Chanel, Chanel

Набор для макияжа бровей Sourcils De Chanel, Chanel

Translucent finish – accentuates the shape of the eyebrows, without changing it, and stressing. Correct gamma means – gray shades of eye shadow look natural. Eyebrow color matched to the natural shade of hair, even if you get it painted. You must save the harmony that nature invented. Remember this: blondes have brown eyebrows look weird.

Lipstick eyebrow DipBrow, Anastasia Beverly Hills

Помада для бровей DipBrow, Anastasia Beverly Hills

I like the DipBrow pomade from Anastasia Beverly Hills: very persistent and presented in a large number of shades – just find your.

Mascara eyebrow Make Up Eyebrow Mascara Sexy, Blond and Taupe, Romanovamakeup

Тушь для бровей Make Up Sexy Eyebrow Mascara, Blond и Taupe, Romanovamakeup

Best seller! Irreplaceable thing for everyday wear: comfortable small brush separates each hair, brows and makes them more expressive. The result is natural. If you have thick hair, use no pencil.

Palette and wax, High Definition

Палетка теней и воск, High Definition

In the palette 4 shade eye shadow (which, incidentally, suited to age – so you can choose one color for the eyebrows, and the rest to paint the eyes) and wax. I love it when eyebrows are not matte, a little shiny. The wax not only captures and adds Shine, but also strengthens the hair because of the part of the valuable argan oil. How to use: take a brush, put on the wax, mix with the shadows, “combs” his eyebrows done!

Shadows Eye Brow Maestro Giorgio Armani

Тени Eye Brow Maestro, Giorgio Armani

I can not mention these cream shadows is an absolute must-have. Good for eyebrows and eyelids. I managed to find the best shade – 05 Auburn. Beautiful, and most importantly – versatile. Suitable for all, except those who have very dark eyebrows.

Shadows and mascara for the eyes

Liquid eye shadow in shade gold blond, Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder

Жидкие тени в оттенке blond gold, Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder

In the shadows of the trendy texture of a mousse and a translucent metallic shade with a wet effect. You can use them independently or do them highlights to dark shadows. And they can replace highlighter. Very stable, no slipping!

Curling your lashes Recourbe Cils De Chanel

Щипцы для ресниц Recourbe Cils De Chanel

Zabivaite in three stages: initially only the ends, then the middle and then at the roots – this technique will create a smooth curve. First, it is important to use forceps, and then to paint eye-lashes India ink: pigment means makes lashes brittle, there is a high probability of damage.Begin to paint the lashes at the roots, in the inner corner of the eye, perepechatyvali movements. Then, combing them with a brush, distribute the tool from roots to ends – in the middle of the century and in the outer corner of the eye. Paint them in the direction of growth, and do not try to put all the hairs to the outer corner. On the lower eyelid apply mascara from the outer corner to the inner.

Vinyl Couture Mascara Mascara, Yves Saint Laurent

Тушь Vinyl Couture Mascara, Yves Saint Laurent

Good option for a quick transformation. You can apply a first color ink and the top to go Golden. She has a vinyl finish, the lashes will look like a dusting of glitter.

Mascara Haute&Naughty M. A. C

Тушь Haute&Naughty, M.A.C

Fell in love with her as soon as she came out! Available in two shades – black and gray-brown: I like both. Lays down a glossy layer without lumps. Can be applied thickly up to fashionable effect, matted eyelashes, but you can slim – to lift them slightly to emphasize this.

Pearlescent eyeshadow Lid Lingerie, NYX

Перламутровые тени для век Lid Lingerie, NYX

The formula is now the most popular persistent eye. Here is NYX, for example, made of advanced, high-quality and budget pearl shade which is a must to try. They have dense, but imperceptible on the eyelids texture. Lid Lingerie can be layered if you want more saturated color.

Military and blush

Highlighter Killawatt, Fenty Beauty

Хайлайтер Killawatt, Fenty Beauty

Cosmetic brand Rihanna Fenty Beauty – one of the most successful star launches this fall. Now just came out of a futuristic Christmas collection of the brand. My special delight is the Golden highlighter. The shade is called “Trophy wife”, and this is real gold! I love when gold looks neat, without any mixture of other colors. And now it is also incredibly important!

Highlighter Skin Frost, Jeffree Star

Хайлайтер Skin Frost, Jeffree Star

The entire line of shimmers / highlighters Geoffrey called Frost Skin. They fully justify its name. Funds have good pigmentation, they are available in 14 shades and is very economically spent. If you are a professional makeup artist will use this highlighter for many years. And it is convenient because it can be layering: how to make a light glow and deep glow. Apply it with a damp sponge or brush.

Highlighter The Neo Limelight, Kevyn Aucoin

Хайлайтер The Neo Limelight, Kevyn Aucoin

Tool appeared at the brand recently. Due to the mix of three colors highlighter leaves a futuristic lilac-pearly Shine on the skin. In the spring it will be very important!

Kevyn Aucoin have many of the tools are multifunctional. This highlighter can be used as eye shadow, blush and even apply to lips when mixed with gloss.

Base Luna Base Powder, M. A. C
База Luna Powder Base, M.A.C

When you look at the tool package, it seems that there are a lot of sequins. They really are, but the feather will dissolve and leave a slight glow. Can be applied before makeup to the face was illuminated from inside. Use a fluffy brush to distribute.

Blush Orgasm, Nars

Румяна Orgasm, Nars

Love and dry and creamy in the sticks (the latter for a more natural effect). This means in the shade Orgasm the right combination of rose gold – the blush has a natural, without red spots and streaks. Dry, apply with big fluffy brush.

Lipsticks and glosses

Lip gloss The Molten Liquid Topcoat Lipstick, Kevyn Aucoin

Блеск для губ The Molten Liquid Lipstick Topcoat, Kevyn Aucoin

The tool is available in two shades: Opal Сyber and Сyber Sky. You can use them as their own (it turns bluish holographic effect) and apply over the lipstick. For example, dark cherry, plum or black. You get a very bright and unusual! You just pay attention at the Christmas party.

Lip gloss in the shade Crystal Fired, Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder

Блеск для губ в оттенке Fired Crystal, Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder

The only clear gloss in the new collection of Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder. And this 100% hit the trend! The product leaves an intense shining finish due to the pearl particles in the composition.

Lipstick is NARS in shade Red Square

Помада NARS в оттенке Red Square  

Can’t say about the perfect red Patriotic name of Red Square. Like all NARS lipsticks, comfortable on the lips, at the same time resistant, matte finish. I think this red can be used every day or as a bright accent for a natural makeup.

Lipstick Rouge Allure Ink, Chanel

Помада Rouge Allure Ink, Chanel

To achieve a perfectly matte texture, often you have to sacrifice comfort Chanel can not let that happen. We released semi-matte Rouge Allure Ink, consisting of conditioning agents – jojoba oil, sweet almond, vitamin e In the media is wet, so the refraction of light creates the effect of volume not even very plump lips. Makes the texture like is poured into the mold. The texture when applied wet, then dry the tool and stand.

Lipstick, Matte Lipstick, M. A. C

Помады Matte Lipstick, M.A.C

If I need a velvety finish on the lips, then choose these lipsticks. They are the best: shades on nadovich to wine for every taste and color. The hue is as rich as in the stick: means vysokomehanizirovannyh.

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