The second part of the article about the game ElvenGold, update the game

I would like to tell you about the global update of a completely new innovative game called ElvenGold. Who does not know what kind of game, can read in my first article.

In the first part of the article, we figured out how to register, start making profits. And I told you that the game was translated into English, but the developers are great.

And we have a global update.Of course, someone will find the update uninteresting to someone very interesting. But how many people have so many opinions, let’s not drag on and go to the list of updates.

The first thing I want to note is that new magic has appeared; our buildings began to grow over with grass and bring us less profit. But it does not matter when entering the game only once a day by clicking on its constructed building by selecting the icon, we use magic and do not survive until the next day.

The next thing is very interesting and there is also other magic. She is very interesting. Everyone, I think, knows who plays such games for example taximoney and so on. There is such a function as the exchange of funds from one account to another to an account for purchases. So what I am leading to in ElvenGold is the magic of increasing the productivity of buildings, which is bought with coins for purchases. In essence, this is a reverse exchange from the account for purchases to the account for withdrawal with a delay of 7 days. To use, click on your building and click the icon. I think it’s just gorgeous.

For all the magic you need mana which is replenished every hour for 1 or 2 if you have been active on the site for an hour. Or completely restored when you purchase or improve the building.

There were also some not quite major updates. Now you can move your building to another cell when you click the button . Or sell your building by clicking the appropriate icon .

As well as after receiving income from the building in the amount of 130%, an icon appears with the restoration of the building, you will have the choice to either sell the building or to restore the building by paying only 30% of the building cost, to generate an income of another 130%

This update all fascinating game ended. To register, you can click on the banner below or go to the first part of the article to read in more detail how to register, replenish your account, withdraw funds and buy buildings.

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