All my life, nightmares

My mom says when I was little, very often came to her in the night because I was afraid to sleep alone. In adult life, the nightmares have not stopped. Once or twice a month dreaming the same dreams, sometimes the same several times in a row, why I Wake up in a state of numbness, or tingling throughout the body. Some time after awakening trying to get back to reality, not realizing it was a dream or reality. The next morning usually feel bad: a headache, a broken condition, the fatigue. Tell me what to do with it.

Katerina, 30 years

Всю жизнь, мучают ночные кошмары

You can assume that you have a sleep disorders. Parasomnias – this is a physical, behavioral, or autonomic phenomena during sleep. In nightmares can be affected by such health factors as heart arrhythmia, dehydration, overexertion of muscles. There may be a violation of REM sleep. You’ll need to consult a sleep and also should make an electrocardiogram.

In General, if the nightmares haunted since childhood, most likely, playing the role of personality type (alarm). So may manifest stress and anxiety if you are sensitive and have increased anxiety. A change of job, moving, challenges at work, conflicts, not to mention the more difficult events, e.g. bereavement, illness, separation, divorce – all can provoke nightmares.

Waking up in the morning may depend on the blood pressure, you have it low? Try to measure the pressure every day at the same time for two weeks, then you will see dynamics and a more accurate picture. Should give up food, Internet and television before bedtime. Caffeine, alcohol and nicotine is also harmful and can trigger nightmares. It is advisable to take a warm or a cold shower before bed. You can also learn progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson, these workouts can improve sleep quality.

Recurring dreams can say about some my experience (event or person you feared) or traumatic relationships in childhood, then you should visit a psychologist.

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