July 20, 2024

Visiting the solarium can adversely affect your health

Russia is far from the tropics, but to look tanned and sultry Russian young ladies are trying their best. And if you can not regularly fly to the resort, persistently sunbathing under the artificial sun, without thinking about the health consequences.

At the beginning of December last year, the Moscow Duma decided to consider the introduction of a mandatory medical certificate on the absence of contraindications for visiting the solarium. Juvenile Muscovites pass into the booths of artificial sun tanning to forbid at all.

The question of the harm and benefit of tanning beds is already being decided at the world level. Than it is dangerous, and than the sunburn received in a sun deck is useful, found out the correspondent SHE.

Alarming tendencies

Devices with ultraviolet radiation, that is, solariums, were invented in 1975, but were not used so extensively to obtain tanning even in the early 90s. Therefore, statistics can not be absolutely objective – for a full picture of the effect of solariums on human health, you should wait a couple more years.

However, the steady growth of the disease is the most dangerous form of skin cancer, melanoma, fixed over the past decades throughout the world, does not allow excluding from the main causes of the disease fashion for artificial sunburn. According to WHO experts (www. rosmed.ru and www. medportal.ru), the highest level of this disease is noted in countries whose population has light skin and where sun tan is very popular. In Norway and Sweden, the annual incidence of melanoma over the past 45 years has more than tripled. In the United States over the past 30 years, the number of malignant skin diseases has doubled. In Russia, such depressing statistics have not yet been recorded, but the fact that people under 18 are especially at risk of melanoma.

Novosibirsk and the region are among the ten regions of the Russian Federation with the highest incidence of cancer. And skin cancer, according to statistics from previous years, ranks second after lung cancer and outstrips breast cancer.

Voytsitsky V. Yu. , DMN, deputy. the chief physician in the medical work of the State Regional Oncology Dispensary believes that the fears are grounded: “I am both trying to limit visits to solariums – they affect the development of melanoma one way or another. Contraindicated to visit the solarium people even with benign tumors, not to mention cancer patients, those who have 3 or more birthmarks on the body, people with thin light skin and redhead, those who have been exposed to sunburn more than twice in their life. ”

Practical benefits
But we can not talk about the exceptional harm of sunburn in a solarium. This procedure has unconditional advantages:

• In such northern areas as ours, it is very important to induce UV rays of vitamin D3, which allows the body to absorb calcium and phosphorus, which are responsible for the strength of bones and the healing of wounds.
• Ultraviolet activates metabolic processes in the body, blood circulation and endocrine activity, strengthens immunity, helps fight winter depression.
• The solarium prepares the skin before the summer holiday to sunbathing.

Sunburn wisely

The most important plus of solariums is a great opportunity to get a tan in the winter: it is more economical than a trip to the sea, more practical than self-tanning creams. However, the desire to acquire a wonderful cosmetic effect should not prevail over the mind. Sergeeva IG, dermatologist of the highest category. DMN, special. clinic “Zdravitsa” gives recommendations to those who wish to get tanned: “Up to 30 erythematous doses (visits) of the solarium during the year are safe, if we take into account the tan in the southern latitudes. Excess insolation can lead to premature aging of the skin.

Contraindicated to visit the solarium for those who have a lot of skin reddening from the sun, covered with rashes, itches, as well as patients with impaired pigmentation, for example, vitiligo – white spots on the skin or chlorzyme – pigment spots on the face. ”

Other disadvantages of tanning in the solarium include the unnatural color of the tan, the fact that ultraviolet rays destroy the collagen of the skin, causing its premature aging, make the hair dry and brittle. There are also other diseases in which a visit to the solarium is prohibited: hypertension, diabetes, thyroid disorders, mastopathy, malfunction (even small) in the female genital area, and pregnancy.

In the absence of contraindications, sunbathing in the solarium is pleasant (a “hormone of joy” is produced) and even useful.

The largest in the city network of tanning studios Magic Sun told us what rules to observe in order to visit the solarium was safe:

1. If you came to the tanning studio and the administrator does not tell you how to choose the right time and makeup, then you better choose another studio.
2. If the lamps have recently been changed in the solarium, they are new or almost new, the time for tanning should be reduced (administrators should warn about this).
3. Immediately before the session, do not wash with soap (dry skin – the likelihood of burns).
4. Use a special make-up for tanning. For solariums there are preparations of three types: developers, activators and fixers. The first help in starting the process of obtaining melanin, the second increase the intensity of sunburn, the third fix the tan, soften and moisturize the skin.

It is very important not to forget one more rule – not to fall into dependence on the pursuit of dark skin. All the same, artificial sunburn does not replace the real sun, it looks unnatural and it is visible to everyone, so why risk your health and cause a smile from others? As with any procedure, cosmetic, medical, but just like any other phenomenon – everything is fine in moderation and in accordance with the instructions.

We must take seriously the contraindications of the doctors and listen carefully to the advice of the administrators: they wish us well – the correspondent of SE witnessed how the employees of the solarium were lamented, when the stubborn client, without taking a protective cream, for the first time went “into the hell” for 30 minutes, and no one could stop it.

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