Viral Twitter thread shares the most iconic moments of British TV in 2020

So that’s why we at HQ are currently worshipping at the altar of journalist Diyora Shadijanova – or more specifically, one of her Twitter threads.

Posted on social media on Sunday, the thread takes us through the most iconic, awkward and downright hilarious British TV moments of 2020.

It includes the time when a contestant on Mastermind had no idea who Greta Thunberg, instead guessing that the environmental activist was called ‘Sharon’. Yeah, okay hun.

And of course the infamous moment last week when Nigella Lawson pronounced ‘microwave’ as ‘mîcrowàvé’ (meek-ro-wah-vey – yes, really) and the whole world didn’t know how to handle it.

It’s that time of year when we just want to kick our feet up and relax. Particularly after the exhausting, demanding, emotionally obliterating year that has been 2020, there is just one thing we want in life right now: a proper good laugh (and a tray of mince pies also wouldn’t go amiss).

Or there was that time when Alan Johnson’s was a contestant on The Masked Singer, and no one had a clue who he was. The former home secretary and ex-Labour MP lifted his Pharaoh mask to reveal his face, and was met with very perplexed faces.

The Great British Bake Off made a couple of appearances too, like when contestants had to make cake busts of famous people for the showstopper round, featuring a couple of neckless celebs and exploding heads. Or who could forget the time that Joe Sugg passed out on the floor of the Bake Off tent after cutting his finger and had to be guided out by a paramedic. Bless him.

Diyora’s thread – below – now has over 41,000 likes at the time of writing and we can understand why, we’ve been howling at the clips. On behalf of the nation, we would like to extend our gratitude to Diyora for her compilation (and for British TV, for being the home of such unfathomable ridiculousness).

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