The wine is semi-dry

In the Russian Federation red dry wine, as red is a table wine with sugar concentration in the range of 0.5-2.5 grams per hundred cubic centimeters. The calorie content of semi-dry red wine is approximately 78 kcal per one hundred grams of grape drink.

Traditional red semi-dry wine is considered natural grape alcoholic drink, which is alcohol base content of from 9 to 13%, while the amount of sugar from 5 to 25 g/dm3. And, as a rule, divided semi-sweet red wine.

The first is called a natural semi-dry wine, which is produced by incomplete fermentation of the wort or grape pulp. As for the second, red table dry wine is made with addition of grape must or concentrated option.

It is noteworthy that this drink is made on the basis of the same grapes and according to the same technological processes, and semi-sweet red wine – a complete cessation of fermentation, when the desired concentration of sugar. By the way, red dry wine often serves as the source of raw material for producing semi-sweet wines when blending.

The most popular brands of semi-dry red wines in our country are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Bear blood, Chianti, Monastyrskaya izba, and many others.

All quality semi-dry red wine is characterized by elegant attractive color from light red to almost maroon. The bouquet of this drink perfectly preserved varietal aroma, while developing fruit andfloral tones. Taste semi-dry red wine can be called harmonious, fresh, with no hints of oxidation, with a barely noticeable tartness.

Red semi-dry wine is perfect to the second meat dishes – fillet, steaks, splints, a variety of natural and breaded cutlets, schnitzels, rump steak, roast beef, pork, lamb, and dishes prepared from offal (kidney, liver, brain). For maximum effect drink this drink it is recommended to apply at a certain temperature – 18-20 degrees (the hottest time of year – a couple of degrees below).

In addition to its high gastronomic qualities are less known and use natural semi-dry red wine. The fact that the composition of the drink, there is a considerable amount of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Is wine useful properties are not inferior to the dry option. In addition, the low calorie semi-dry red wine allows you to enjoy this aromatic drink, not thinking about what you risk to gain extra pounds and inches.

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