Dessert wine

Red dessert wine – grape drink, characterized by astringency and rich taste.

Dessert wines are very aromatic and sweet, because they are produced from grapes sweet varieties.

In order to increase the sugar content of the berries often have their podvyalivayut. Mostly use grapes with black and red skin. The best known are: Saperavi, Cabernet, Mattress. The taste of the wine depends on the grape variety, climatic conditions, production technology and storage. In the world there are more than 4000 varieties of red wine.

As medicinal wines used in Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia. Hippocrates believed red wine is good sedative and antiseptic and diuretic. It was in Ancient Greece is a culture of consumption of wine beverages. Red wine has always been considered the king of wines. Their loved monarchs and monks who were attributed to them medicinal properties.

The technology of producing red dessert wine is well known since ancient times. This wine is obtained by adding to the juice of the grape must. The drink should be fragrant and thick. To the pulp add wine yeast and left to ferment. To 1 liter of wort, put about 50 g of sugar. After the wine will vibrobit, it should be dry to the taste. The wine is settled for 2 months. Now it has a little to clear. To enhance the sweetness you need to add sugar .

Popular varieties

Red wine has always been considered Yes rum of Dionysus and the blood of Christ. It was used not only in Christianity but in pagan rituals.

The most famous and popular red grape dessert wine is Cahors, which is considered the Church a drink.

French caharkala called red wine, which was produced in the town of Cahors (France). Cahors was invented in France by a new method of processing grapes. This wine is at least 70% made from grapes Malbec. In the early twentieth century this variety was considered one of the most common in Europe, but in 1956 it killed about 75% of the vines. Today in significant quantities it is cultivated in France in apelsine Cahors. The aroma and taste of wines made from Malbec, there are tones of dried fruit , chocolate , spices. Due to the very dark color of Cahors, in the old days was called “black wine”.

Very often wine is also produced from grapes Saperavi, Cabernet. A feature of the technology of Cahors is heating mash up to 45-50 degrees. Sometimes heated dry steam the whole bunch. All these methods are aimed at increasing sugar concentration in the grapes. The best “Cahors” is defined as: “South coast” (Crimea), “Uzbekiston” (Uzbekestan), “the Black doctor” (the Crimea), “plague” (Moldova). During the great Patriotic war Cahors fed soldiers in hospitals.

As a wine for communion Cahors imposed on the Church of Peter I, who was admiring this drink. Until the 17th century in Russia its own production of wine was not for Church purposes, it was brought from Greece and France. So the locals got used to that altar wine must be sweet, red. Most accurately does this description fit French Cahors.Creamy ruby color besides resembled blood. This was the reason that wine is considered the “blood of Christ”.

Wines of the Crimean winery “Massandra” is also considered to be very popular. Famous red sweet wines produced by “Massandra” are Bastardo, ay-Serez, Cahors wine “South careful”.

Bastardo – red dessert wine that is produced in the Crimea from a variety of grape called Bastardo Magarach. The grapes are harvested at a time when sugar content is at least 25%. Wine Bastardo has a pleasant taste with hints of creamy chocolate.

Ay-Serez – produced from grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon and Bastardo-Magarachsky. The grapes are grown near the town of Sudak on special plantations. Its production process is generally similar to the technology of producing Cahors. This grape drink has a red color, and also original bouquet.

Cahors wine “South careful” – red dessert wine aged in barrels for 3 years. It is produced since 1933 using Saperavi. Thanks to a special technology, the wine is dark garnet color.

Useful properties

Useful properties of red dessert wine due to its composition. This drink contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals. So, it is rich in vitamin e and mineral with rubidium, which is known that helps to remove the body from radionuclides. Wine has a positive effect on the digestive system, helps with intestinal disorders.

Red wine contains the essential amino acids required by the body for normal functioning. It was discovered flavonoids and quercetin that prevent premature aging of the body, are powerful antioxidants. Quercetin also suppresses the development of cancer diseases.

Scientists have long pondered the so-called “French paradox”: why the level of cancer diseases is far lower in France than in other countries? They came to that the fact that the French are big fans of wines. Red grapes contain resveratrol which is a powerful antioxidant. In the process of fermentation, the level of resveratrol in wine is increasing. This substance is an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis, of thrombosis. Resveratrol has a positive effect on the hormonal and cardiovascular system. Polyphenols help to purify the blood and improve immunity.

Use in cooking

In cooking red dessert wine used for desserts and meat dishes. The wine served to the table desserts. It is perfect for chocolate, coffee, candy.

Dessert wine blended with fruit and fruit salads, nuts, cookies, cakes and other sweets. But dessert should be sweeter than the wine itself.

According to the culture of drinking wine this drink by degree of intensity. So, first take strong, then dinner and only at the end – dessert wine. Before to drink some dessert wine, you can eat a piece of cheese, so the wine is best revealed.

The benefit of red dessert wine and treatment

The benefits of red wines have long been known in folk medicine. It has anti-stress and tonic effect. It is also used as antibacterial and antimicrobial agent.

Red wine contains tannins that are beneficial to the digestive tract.

The wine is simply indispensable for anemia, especially useful when the disease is considered Cahors.

Hot red dessert wine will help the body to quickly deal with colds, bronchitis. In order to recuperate after a long illness, doctors recommend to drink a glass of wine daily. It has a positive effect on the condition of patients with stomatitis, gingivitis, and periodontitis. In order to enhance the effect, you need to rinse your mouth with wine.

The harm of red dessert wine and contraindications

Harm the product can cause hypersensitive and excessive consumption. Another Eubulus wrote: “I have to mix three cups: one for health, the second for love and pleasure, the third for good sleep. After drinking three cups, the wise guests go home. Fourth Cup is not ours, it belongs to the violence.”

According to who recommendations, men can be used not more than 3 glasses of wine a day for women valid norm is the use of two glasses a day.

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