Video games that everyone claims to love, but really don’t

On my long list of careers I’d have loved to have pursued before this one, was video game reviewer. Can you imagine getting a shit-ton of games to play and then write about them? That’s living the dream. Throw in a lifetime supply of Doritos, and I’m in heaven. Except, you’ve got to wonder how legit those reviews are.

Sometimes, a game hits the market, and it’s got all the right people, saying the right things, but it actually sucks. Sometimes, you feel like you’re the only one who thinks so, and you wonder what’s wrong with you, so you pretend to agree with the general consensus, and declare a game awesome.Just be honest. These games could have been mind-blowingly amazing, but they weren’t. It’s not fair for the critics to tell us otherwise, just to sell more units.

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