Victoria Beckham, is launching a YouTube channel full of beauty tutorials

She’s a kickass fashion designer, mother-to-four and is even working on her very own skincare line. And despite previously admitting to getting up at 6am to cram in her workout, parenting and business duties, Victoria Beckham always manages to look perennially polished.

So what on earth are the secrets behind her glowing skin, glossy hair and lit-from-within glow? Well, dear readers, you’re about to find out because Mrs B just announced that she’s launching her very own YouTube channel packed with beauty tips and styling routines. Yaas.

Taking to her Instagram, Victoria said: “Today I have special news to share. I will be launching my own @youtube channel with beauty tutorials, styling tips and lots of stuff from me.”

Over on YouTube, Victoria added: “I will be starting my own YouTube channel that will be full of makeup tutorials, styling tutorials, lots of stuff from me”, before turning to journalist Derek Blasberg and ading: “…and apparently you naked. I mean, I’m just putting it out there. Apparently people want it. It’s what they want – what they really, really want.”

She concluded: “I want you to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I look forward to seeing you soon.”

Since the announcement, there’s been over 20,000 people sign up so it seems there’s keen interest (we’d be lying if we said we weren’t one of the subscribers!).

Until we find out her beauty tips via YouTube, GLAMOUR has done some hefty investigation into the star’s beauty regime and we can bring you answers.

From the luxe products she slathers on her skin to the surprisingly purse-friendly haircare buys she swears by, these are the beauty buys to snap up if you want to emulate Mrs B.

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