May 25, 2024

Victoria Beckham Had the BEST Response When People Criticized Her

When she attended Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, Victoria Beckham was photographed in a beautiful navy dress and bright red pumps – and it sadly didn’t take long for the “she looks miserable” and “why doesn’t she ever smile? ” comments to crop up.

Luckily, however, Posh Spice has a great sense of humor, and she decided to hit back at her haters in the best possible way: with a slogan sweatshirt from her own fashion house.

On Friday morning, Victoria took to Instagram to share a snap of herself wearing the fun “It’s a dark but happy place” piece. “When you’re smiling on the inside ? ? ? ? As the sweatshirt says,” she captioned the photo.

Styled with flared jeans and red suede heels, her sweatshirt looked chic yet casual, making it the perfect addition to her tailored wardrobe. Read on to get a closer look at her slogan pieces, then shop one for yourself.

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