May 19, 2024

Victoria Beckham Dances To Spice Girls Track Stop During Watch What Happens Live Filming

She might have not taken part in the Spice Girls 2019 reunion at Wembley but Victoria Beckham just proved she’s still got all the moves.

The fashion designer made an appearance on US chat show, Watch What Happens Live, and just shared backstage footage on Instagram of her busting moves to one of the girl band’s biggest hits.

Sharing the footage to Instagram on Monday night, she wrote: “So much fun on set with @BravoAndy and @AnneHathaway in the clubhouse with @BravoWWHL! #2″

The footage revealed a moment when she remembered the dance routine to ‘Stop’ while waiting for the cameras to roll with host, Andy Cohen, and fellow guest, Anne Hathaway.

«I hope you enjoy my dancing! » she added, after sharing the hilarious clip with her followers.

Her fans were quick to comment. “Stop it right now! ! Can’t wait! ! ! ’ one said. Another said, “Long live the @spicegirls Forever. ”

One fan said: “She still got it! ” while another added, : Once a Spice Girl. Forever a Spice Girl. ”

During her time on the late-night show, which airs in the US on Bravo, Beckham revealed that the matching black leather outfits she wore with husband David in 1999 still “haunts” her to this day.

It was for the couple’s Millennium New Year’s Eve Party in 1999 and they both wore black leather pantsuits.

She told Cohen: “’I still. . . I mean it haunts me. It does haunt me, but I love it,” she said of the outfit.

“It was hot. We were wearing Gucci. It was a Versace dinner, which is inappropriate in itself,” the former singer joked.

“But, you know, we really considered those outfits. I mean we really talked about it. There was a naivete to it that was just so sweet,” she added.

Beckham also made it clear it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing her join her former band mates anytime soon when asked by a viewer whether she’d be doing a reunion.

“You know, I had so much fun being in the Spice Girls, but, you know, I think that now with everything else that I’ve got going on with my fashion and my beauty line, four children, you know, I just — I couldn’t commit to that,” she responded.

“But I had so much fun in the Spice girls. I love the girls. I really, really enjoy singing Spice Girls when I’m doing karaoke, but I think I’d better leave it there. ”

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