Vi-brow is the visor equivalent to maskne

But for those whose jobs or lifestyles call for face visors, too, there’s another skin woe that’s been coming up the tracks.

The “vi-brow”. The build-up of oil and sweat under the visor’s headband (along our forehead and eyebrows), is producing even more outbreaks of localised spots.

Our skin’s been through the ringer of late. All that staying inside means our skin hasn’t been able to top up on as much vitamin D and “maskne” has emerged as the number one skincare concern for those frequently wearing face masks. Friction from the fabric and built-up bacteria has meant chin and cheek spots are on the up.

We spoke to top dermatologist, Dr Hiba Injibar, founder of Harley Street’s Dermasurge Clinic, about what can be done in order to keep vi-brow spots at bay.

1. Clean the lining properly

An obvious one perhaps, but the lining of the headband is the main place where bacteria, oils and sweat will build up. It might not be possible to keep it clean as often as you’d like (especially if you’re fully suited up in PPE), but whenever you get a break or a chance to remove your visor, make sure you clean the lining fully. “Use a mild soap or shampoo,” says Dr Hiba. “Just make sure you wash all the soap or shampoo off afterwards or it may irritate your skin next time you start to sweat.”

2. Ditch the fringe

With all the extra gear covering our face, we want to give it as many other opportunities as possible to breathe, which means keeping your hair out of the way. “If you sport a fringe, try and keep it pinned back otherwise sweat and oil from your scalp will work their way down the hair onto your forehead causing your pores to get clogged up,” explains Dr Hiba, which means a double whammy of potential spots.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to keep our skin as clean as possible. If you’re wearing a visor, it’s probably best to skip foundation, since it’ll end up coming off on your visor and leaving marks in your makeup anyway.

Plus the sweat mixed with foundation is a recipe for spots. With your skin clear, it makes it even easier to freshen it up with a cleanser throughout the day where you get a chance. “Cleanse on the go – clean your skin as soon as you take your visor off,” advises Dr Hiba. A clean Face Halo and cleansing milk are your best friend.

4. Treat existing spots with salicylic acid

As for those pesky spots that have already popped up, use a targeted treatment applied topically straight on top of blemishes. “If you already have “vi-brow” use a spot treatment with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide,” advises Dr Hiba.

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