Venmo Just Gave Us The Best Excuse To Go Online Shopping

Despite the fact that it was released just seven years ago, it’s hard to remember a time before we used Venmo for everything from splitting a bar tab to paying our rent, and the app is about to get even more convenient.

The company, which was purchased by PayPal in 2013 (for a cool $800 million, no less), announced today that users can now make payments at over two million online retailers using the app. Which means if you’re that friend who’s been holding off on downloading it, now is the perfect time to hop on the easy payment bandwagon and relieve your pals of the stress of dining in large groups with you.

According to a statement from the company, you’ll now be able to pay using Venmo at almost every U.S.-based digital retailer that PayPal is accepted. All you have to do is choose the ‘PayPal’ option during checkout, which will take you to a separate screen where you can then opt to use your Venmo account.

The best part? You can easily split the cost of online purchases with friends, which means there’s no excuse for your roommate not to chip in on your monthly Amazon order of toilet paper and dish soap. Oh, and it’s also a great excuse to test out the new function with a little bit of online shopping.

Unfortunately, as of now, the service only works when you’re buying from your phone, and, of course, only at places that already accept PayPal. It’s also worth noting that retailers will be charged a processing fee for each Venmo transaction they accept, which could make the feature less appealing for boutiques and small business owners. But, hey, given the fact of Venmo’s built-in newsfeed, perhaps they’ll find they benefit from some free, micro influencer-driven press.

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