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Our blog looks at new treatments you might not have considered offering and how to add these to what you currently provide with guaranteed success…

There has never been a better time to review your beauty treatment offering than during lockdown. Why not relaunch with a boom once lockdown eases and better yet with a new treatment up your sleeve?

Lash Lift

Many clients will be enjoying the maintenance free transition back from having regular lash extension treatments. Many will likely return to lashes but some may want something more natural once they remember the beauty of their own lashes. Lash lift works very much like lash perming treatments of olde, except the silicon lash shield is innovative and designed to give an incredible lift to the lashes (so not curled lashes like a perming rod would give).

Lash lift opens up the eye area to give a youthful, well rested look that is great for glasses or contacts wearers who struggle with lash extensions and for those who do not otherwise get along with lash extensions.

Lash lift can be combined with lash tinting treatments to give astounding results and typically bring in around £30-£40 per treatment so well worth learning. They require a repeat treatment roughly every 6-8 weeks guaranteeing a loyal, returning client base.

Brow Lamination

You might already offer a brow wax, brow tint, maybe even threading? But are you offering the latest trend in brow styling? Brow lamination is set to be HUGE this year. Lockdown has many clients regrowing their brows (not necessarily by choice) and post-lockdown, many clients may not want to return to their previous thinner, defined look.

Brow lamination is great for enhancing the natural beauty of brows to give a fuller, more youthful and more even look. Great for those with naturally thinner brows, those who have previously been guilty of overplucking or for mature clients who want to take years off their look. Brow lamination uses the products you might use for a lash lift treatment (a little like a lash perm but to lift lashes rather than curl). Set into shape, they remain as placed for 2-6 weeks dependent on the client’s hair type.

Treatments typically cost around £30-£45 each and take around 30 minutes so it is certainly a lucrative treatment to offer and one that can be combined as a package alongside other brow services such as tinting, threading and henna.


Many beauty therapists cover waxing in their core training but soon move away from offering it chasing more specialised treatments and yet waxing is so popular. From legs and underarms to facial waxing, treatments can earn you from £10-£40 every 4-6 weeks so really should be at the heart of every beauty therapist’s key treatments.

Waxing is comfortable when carried out by a skilled therapist and involves very little cost in terms of products (usually only a couple of pounds per treatment at most) so the earning potential is huge. It’s also a really satisfying treatment to offer with immediately visible, smooth results. Post-lockdown many clients will be desperate to get back to being summer ready so there has never been a better time to offer waxing.

Gel Polish

Many clients will have been without their nail extensions over the last 12 weeks and may be keen to keep to natural talons. Gel polish helps to give some additional strength to natural nails to help reduce breakage but also gives 14 day chip-free colour and shine.

Gel polish treatments take around 30 minutes and need repeating every 2-4 weeks, with treatments earning you from £15-£20 upwards for fingers or toes. Application is simple to learn and just requires some practice to perfect the art of polishing.

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