July 22, 2024

Varicosity: do not put your foot on your leg

Asterisks can decorate a Christmas tree, a ceiling in the bedroom or a wedding hairstyle. It turns out usually festively and brilliantly. But if the “stars” are decorated with women’s feet, then this is the direct route to the surgeon, as similar stars and mesh indicate that their owner begins varicose veins.

Sitting and walking on heels can lead to varicose veins

Perhaps, such a cosmetic defect someone solves with black pantyhose or trousers, but this is not a way out of the situation – the primary varicose has the property to develop.

After the blue streams, “stars” and “mesh” from the sapphires began to be clearly visible under the skin, after a while there is a feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the legs. Heaviness is accompanied by swelling and darkening of the skin, and abrasions and cuts do not heal very long.

The next stage of the disease is the appearance of varicose sores. They arise because of a bad outflow of blood, and the slightest trauma provokes their sprawling all over the lower leg. But most importantly, in the varicose veins, thrombi often form, which can at any moment come off. In this case, along with the blood flow, they enter the pulmonary artery. And this is a direct threat to life.


The main reason for the occurrence of varicose veins is the lack of elasticity of the walls of the vessels. Contribute to the development of the disease, many factors: heredity, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, overweight, hormonal disorders (you need to be careful when taking hormonal contraceptives) and many gynecological disorders. Varicose veins often develop during pregnancy. Increased risk of smoking and walking on high heels.

Many hours of sedentary work, as well as the habit of putting one foot on the other also causes stagnation of blood. If during the day you have to spend most of your time standing, then varicose veins are almost guaranteed – it’s not for nothing that this ailment is called “a disease of the hairdressers”. Alcohol and coffee also provoke the appearance of varicose veins.

Methods of treatment

Conservative. The doctor advises to change the way of life, prescribes medication and wearing compression linen, or elastic bandaging.

Sclerotherapy. This method of treating varicose veins is based on the “filling” of a diseased vein with the introduction of a special solution, as a result of which it is excluded from the bloodstream and gradually disappears. The final gluing of varicose veins is achieved with the help of an elastic bandage or compression stocking. Sclerotization is effective only with the initial forms of varicose veins. When the disease is started, this treatment can even be dangerous.

Operational. Surgical intervention is required to remove the altered veins at the chronic stage of the disease. In cases where only the subcutaneous and connective veins are affected, the correctly performed surgery in most cases guarantees complete recovery. For this purpose, a special seamless technology is widely used, when varicose veins are removed through puncture of the skin. In the postoperative period within one and a half to two months, it is necessary to wear compression stockings and physiotherapy.

Where and how much

Clinic “Dune”: consultation of a vascular surgeon costs 400 rubles, repeated – 250. The cost of one ampoule for sclerotization is 1300 rubles, how much ampoules are needed – the doctor decides, looking at the lesion center.

Clinic “Elena” – consultation of a plastic surgeon is free, but if he sends to a vascular, then you will need to pay 200 rubles. The surgeon will appoint either sclerotization (from 500 to 3800 rubles for the treatment of one leg), or surgical treatment. The most expensive thing to pay for here is the removal of one large vein-12,000 rubles, the small one-8,000 rubles, but this method is already used at the extreme stages of the disease.

The center of aesthetic medicine “Ronez” on the basis of the clinical hospital №12 advises for 200 rubles. If sclerotation is required, then 1500 rubles is worth the treatment of veins on one leg, surgical intervention – 12,000 rubles.

Regional clinical hospital, paid department: consultation by the head of department – 500 rubles, the doctor of the highest category – 400. The operation with a stay in the hospital – at least 15,000 rubles, sclerotation – 660 rubles for one ampoule.

Road Clinical Hospital: consultation with a doctor will cost 300 rubles. Here they can offer seamless phlebotomy (9 thousand rubles – one foot): instead of incisions, punctures are made with an eye scalpel, the healing period passes much faster and a good cosmetic effect is achieved. Stay in the hospital will cost 800-900 rubles per day.


Contrast shower, massage and gymnastics are three effective tips for preventing varicose veins. These procedures improve blood circulation and increase the elasticity of blood vessels. To quit smoking and abuse coffee and alcohol is simply necessary at the first appearances of “stars”. Those who are sitting on duty, it is recommended to get up and warm up every hour, to watch not to put a foot on the foot, and forget about the elevator. When standing, you should periodically walk on the spot, in the evening try to keep your feet in a raised state for the outflow of blood – for example, put on a chair during dinner, and during sleep use a foot pillow.

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