April 15, 2024

Vanilla French Nails are trending and they’re a sweet treat for Vanilla Girls everywhere

The timing is ideal given our fixation with TikTok’s Vanilla Girl aesthetic. Unsurprisingly, Vanilla French Nails are currently trending precisely because they deliver the creamiest manifestation of the cosy interiors movement to our fingertips.

Another twist to the traditional French manicure? We know, not exactly groundbreaking given the Invisible French Manicure and Blizzard French Manicure have been making waves of late. But even a classic can become cool when the colour is a bit, well, off, and unexpected as is the case with Vanilla French Nails.

Coined by Zola Ganzorigt, the celebrity nail artist behind Hailey Bieber’s viral glazed donut nails and candy cane glazed nails, the Vanilla French Nail trend smacks of sophistication. A soft-focus, milky-thin version of the original, it channels the same fresh, pretty, minimalist vibes that the Vanilla Girl has in spades, as well as a neutral palette of hushed hues (think beige, cream and, of course, vanilla).

“It is really neutral and elegant looking,” Zola tells GLAMOUR UK. “After this Fall’s moody dark colours and Holiday nails, everyone wants something simple and it’s perfect for that. ”

In other words, there’s absolutely no excuse not to get onboard with the trend. With A-listers including Adele and Kylie Jenner already firm fans, and Zola’s viral credentials, don’t be surprised to see this sweet confection all over your feed this spring.

So what exactly are Vanilla French Nails? Put simply, they still use all the hallmarks of a traditional French manicure as their blueprint. But rather than a pink base paired with a stark white tip, Vanilla French Nails comprise of more muted shades and a lighter, off-white tip. Not to mention, they’re laid down to create a sheerer finish than the original.

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