May 25, 2024

Vanessa Hudgens is giving Lady Gaga with blonde hair and bleached brows

Vanessa Hudgens can wear a blonde wig and bleach her brows, but she can’t wig or bleach her way into being an Italian girl from New York. The High School Musical legend did come close, though. In fact, she looks exactly like Lady Gaga in her latest post on Instagram.

Hudgens, who always delivers surprise after surprise, shared a pic of herself styled in a way that makes her look like a Gaga doppelgänger. In the snap, she is wearing a bleach-blonde wig and her brows are bleached — a Lady Gaga/Stefani Germanotta signature.

Hudgens might be a wannabe Mother Monster, but she’s kind of pulling it off?

Hudgens captioned the post, “Who even is she. ” Here it is, in all its Gaga glory:

Here’s a photo of Gaga with a similar look at the American Horror Story: Hotel premiere in 2015, for comparison:

Vanessa Hudgens is very Chromatica with the styling. She’s wearing a gold choker that appears to be the only thing keeping her head attached to her body, as well as wearing dramatic winged liner with a bold red lip. She’s also wearing a black patent leather jacket. All she needs to completely morph into Gaga? A hand claw she can wear when she sings Hold My Hand, the original song from 2022’s Top Gun: Maverick.

The actor didn’t share what the getup was for, but given today is her 34th birthday, maybe it’s a theme party look? I can only hope that Gaga arrived dressed like Gabriella Montez.

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