I’m all about not worrying what people think

Following Cara and a group of her female friends as they stage tricks and stunts “ranging from the ridiculous to extreme”, the series is a perfect example of how she uses her sense of humour as a positive force. “We’re still in the early stages with the show,” she says, “but we have loads of exciting ideas. I do almost all of my own stunts.”

Model, muse, actress, activist, musician, Puma ambassador and now the host of a new practical joke series, Carnival Row – it’s safe to say there isn’t much that Cara Delevingne hasn’t tried her hand at. Not only is she hosting the TV show, which will be hosted by video platform Quibi, she also produced it herself. This is a woman who knows how to hustle.

Known for talking candidly about her struggles with mental health, we’ve always been able to rely on Cara to be herself and tell it like it is. And let’s be honest, we need that more than ever right now, especially in these cold, dark winter months. Keeping it real and having as much fun as possible is just one way Cara advises to stay feeling positive, but what else does she do to keep the blues at bay?

“Laughter is so important. It releases so many different types of tension for me,” she explains. Frankly, we couldn’t agree more. The health benefits of laughter are well documented: not only does it release those all important happy hormones which help to reduce stress and boost our immune responses, it also strengthens social bonds. And that’s what can help bring positivity to our lives on a more long-term level.

“I find laughter to be a necessary way of keeping me calm,” says Cara. So rather than seeking out a quick dopamine fix from Instagram likes next time we’re feeling blue, we’re scheduling an IRL hang-out with friends.

With her ‘don’t worry, be happy’ approach to life, she’s a big believer in living instead of labelling. It’s all about “ascending and moving forward with positivity,” says Cara, who we love for her quirkiness and ability to stay true to who she really is.

All of which makes her the perfect ambassador for the new Puma Rise, designed for strong, empowered women on the rise who’ve got hustle and high hopes. “For me, hustling is all about working hard and not worrying about what other people think – just living my true life,” adds Cara.

Drawing from the world of heritage running and forward-thinking style, the slim, highly engineered silhouette of the Puma Rise is inspired by clouds with soft, opulent lines and an oh-so-comfortable construction. The materials are premium and plush and the overlays are smooth and supportive. “I love how fresh and comfortable they are,” Cara tells us. And if they’ve got her seal of approval, they’ve definitely got ours.

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