These Are the Most-Trusted, Best-Reviewed Lip Liners at Sephora

Are you frustrated by feathering, fading, smudging, or creasing lip color? Or does the possibility of one of those things make you avoid lipstick entirely? Well, it’s time to recruit your first in command: lip liner.

This leader helps you set some actual boundaries to shape up unruly lipstick and get it in line. (Like, the actual line and shape of your lips’ edges.) Starting with an outline keeps color exactly where it belongs, even with a liquid lipstick that may have a mind of its own.

We decided to take a look at all the liners at Sephora to see which are getting this job done, and here are the bestsellers you’ll want backing you up. Oh, and every single one of these has a rating of at least four stars from other shoppers, too.

Find Sephora’s most-popular, top-rated lip liners ahead (and maybe even a new lipstick to match when you’re done).

16 Waterproof Eyeliners That Last All Day Long, No Matter What You’re Doing (or Not)

If your days have consisted of video conference calls, TV binge watching, and living-room workouts, your makeup bag just may be collecting dust by now. Maybe you’ve finally nailed the best way to dress to WFH indefinitely, but what happens when you know you can squeeze in a quick lunchtime workout before your next meeting. .. but don’t want it to be totally obvious what you’ve just done?

Well, grab some dry shampoo and one of these top-rated waterproof eyeliners from Sephora, and you’re set. These crayons, liquid liners, and gel pots all hold up to sweat – and as many tearjerkers as you can handle, either when watching with friends or before your new, virtual happy hours.

Every single one of these waterproof eyeliners also earned a flour-plus star rating from other Sephora shoppers, so check out the crowd-pleasing products ahead.

From at-home hair removal to DIY gel manicures, these are the gadgets you’ll need to keep up your beauty regime

As much as we love a professional beauty treatment, whether it be a nail art manicure or a high-tech facial, the reality of the novel Coronavirus outbreak means that we’re all staying at home as much as possible.


Rather than lament the treatments we’re missing out on during this time, why not see it as an opportunity to learn a new skill (do you know how to thread your own eyebrows? You might do soon…) as well as save a little money and, of course, stay safe and help to control the spread of the virus.

To help you establish a comprehensive at-home, DIY beauty regime, we’ve rounded up the best high-tech devices, the foolproof beauty products and the smartest gadgets that help you achieve near professional results. Plus, hands-on tasks and small acts of self care can help to boost the mood and focus the mind on the present moment, which is important in a time of such uncertainty (for more tips on how to take care of your mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak, read out tips here).

Plus, we’ve got an expert’s guide to cutting your own hair, as well as a step by step break down of how to thread your own eyebrows and the best tried-and-tested at-home hair dyes for when your roots need a touch up.

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