The Mean Girls Musical is coming to the big screen

The iconic cult-classic film, which has since been turned into a wildly successful musical, will take viewers straight back to North Shore High for a long-awaited serving of canteen cliques, candy canes and enough standout lines to last a lifetime (but seriously, is butter a carb?).

Dish out your mini skirts and milkshakes, The Plastics are back! In the greatest news to ever grace the planet, the film’s original creator Tina Fey (who played Ms.Norbury) has confirmed she’s working on a new Mean Girls film with Paramount Pictures.

However, the film will not act as a sequel to the original film. Instead, it will be an adaptation of the Broadway musical featuring songs and dances from the stage performance including Meet the Plastics. Put simply: same same, but different.

“I’m very excited to bring Mean Girls back to the big screen,” Fey said to EW. “It’s been incredibly gratifying to see how much the movie and the musical have meant to audiences. I’ve spent 16 years with these characters now. They are my Marvel Universe and I love them dearly.”

So, who will make up North Shore’s queen bee girl group? Originally played by Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert and Amanda Seyfriend, Fey has remained coy on whether the original trio will be returning. One thing’s for certain though: their milkshakes will undoubtedly be bringing the boys to the yard.

While we await further details of the film’s release, the stage musical, produced by Michaels, Stuart Thompson, Sonia Friedman and Paramount, is expected to arrive in London’s West End in the late Spring of 2021 to get your fix.

“It has been a joy to work on ‘Mean Girls’ and to watch it go from film, to musical, and now to musical film,” revealed Michaels. “I am very proud that Tina’s story and characters continue to resonate with new generations. We are all excited to continue to work with Sonia Friedman and her team as we prepare for London.”

In the words of the great Gretchen Wieners, ‘that’s so fetch.’

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