The best winter music festivals that haven’t been cancelled yet

Forget Glastonbury with the muddy fields and wee-drenched tents (really, why do we put up with that?), how about getting that festival-fix a lot earlier in the form of a snow-break you’ll NEVER forget.

Snow sports festivals are becoming increasingly popular and with the perfect mix of skiing and partying, it’s not hard to see why. They offer some of the best slopes for skiing and snowboarding across Europe’s best resorts, with mountains that create a stunning backdrop for some of the world’s best performers and some top-notch content for the ‘gram.

Whatever your music preference, whether that’s Liam Gallagher at Snowbombing in Austria, Hannah Wants at Snowboxx in France or Jamie Jones at Caprices in Switzerland, these snow sports music festivals prove ski holidays aren’t just for skiers. If you’re a first-time skier, a ski festival is probably the safest bet.

That way, if you’re the worst skier to ever grace the slopes, you can at least snowball yourself straight into an après bar and enjoy the music instead.

Dig out your Mum’s garish 80s ski-suit or head to the Topshop sales for a new ski jacket and gear yourself up for a live-music experience you’ll never forget. We’ve selected the best ski music festivals in Europe that haven’t yet been cancelled due to coronavirus, so grab some last-minute tickets before we all have to go into hibernation.

13 Times Schitt’s Creek’s David and Patrick Proved Soulmates Do Exist

Need a reminder that true love exists? Look no further than David Rose and Patrick Brewer’s adorable relationship on Schitt’s Creek. The Rose Apothecary owners are proof that opposites attract – David’s dramatic quirks complement Patrick’s steady ways so delightfully.

If you’re still not convinced that their love needs to be protected at all costs, let me introduce you to the episodes “Meet the Parents” and “The Hike,” two installations of Schitt’s Creek guaranteed to melt any stone-cold heart. Ahead, we compiled golden David and Patrick moments that are simply the best – just be sure you have a cup of tea for Patrick.

Is It Summer Already? Because Rauw Alejandro Just Released the “Fantasías” Remix and Things Got Way Hotter

Last year, Rauw Alejandro released “Fantasías,” a single with Farruko that pretty much skyrocketed him to fame, earning more than 356 million views on its music video, and more than 250 million views on all digital platforms. The song also charted on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs, Latin Streaming Songs, Latin Pop Airplay, and Tropical Airplay lists.

Now, Rauw is looking to quadruple that success by joining forces again with Farruko and adding Natti Natasha, Anuel AA, and Lunay to an epic remix that promises to get everyone dancing.

“The original version of Fantasías is already a world anthem, and now the remix is going to make history in music and in the Latin genre,” Rauw said in a press release. “It has been an honor to work with these great artists; they will always have my respects and admiration,” he added.

Rauw, who’s fresh from winning the award for top male, new generation, at the second annual Premios Tu Musica Urbano last night, released this collaboration, which sounds like a tropical dance party you’d want to be a part of, paired with a video that looks like the vacation you’ve been dying to take.

This remix comes just weeks after premiering his single “Tattoo,” which received an excellent response from audiences, quickly reaching more than 23 million views and more than eight million streams on digital platforms, leading the charts in Spain, Chile, Mexico, the US, and Argentina. This single also landed him the cover of Spotify’s prestigious playlist Viva Latino, and made it into Apple Music’s Dale Play! playlist.

Thanks to the incredible success Rauw’s been having, and also to “TBT,” his new collaboration with Sebastián Yatra and Manuel Turizo, he’s embarking on a world tour that will visit 24 cities around the world, starting in San Juan, PR, this coming March 28.

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