These 52 Fashionable Dog Coats and Jackets Are a Must This Winter

Bundling dogs up in trendy coats for the Winter is a very paw-pular thing to do, and for good reason – no one wants their furry BFF to be cold! It also makes for a cute Instagram pic, too.

The search for dog Winter wear that’s both warm and fashionable can be an undertaking, and no, you should not compromise fashion for function (or vice versa!). Instead, we’ve scoured the internet for canine jackets that are warm, trendy, comfortable, and equipped for a brisk walk through the park.

All of these options have easily accessible harness holes, leg slits, and all the buckles and straps an owner could ask for. From fashionable puffer coats for cool doggy-hipsters to tie-dye sweatshirts for pups who are hippies at heart, we’ve got all the must-have styles your dog needs this Winter, right here.

Someone Asked Their Dog For Help Carrying Laundry Upstairs, and Wow, He Actually Did It

we don’t deserve dogs ?

Posted by Gabbie Foote on Monday, February 10, 2020

I”m in the process of trying to convince my husband to get a dog, and I think if I could find one like Jonsi, my argument would be a lot stronger. I recently stumbled across a video of the one-year-old pup on Twitter, and let’s just say, he’s a real helper when it comes to picking up after his owner.

His owner, Gabbie Foote, shared a clip from her Kasa home security camera of her husband Trey carrying a bundle of laundry through the living room.

You can see Trey drop a sock, contemplate grabbing it, before heading upstairs and jokingly asking Jonsi to bring it for him. Welp, Jonsi must’ve been listening because he does exactly what his owner asks – to Trey’s surprise! You have to see it to believe, so watch the viral video for yourself above.

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