Topshop just launched a perfect version of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s go-to designer bag

Unsurprisingly the brand has amassed a number of high-profile devotees over the last eighteen months; none more so the ultimate style icon Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.
Bottega Veneta are having a real moment right now. Since Daniel Lee’s appointment in June 2018, the Italian fashion house has progressed from a well-respected symbol of subtle luxury to the ultimate ‘It’ label dominating trends and the fashion world.

Rosie has made no secret of her love for Bottega recently, rarely seen in an outfit that doesn’t showcase at least one piece from the label’s latest collection.

And while last year’s big hitters were undeniably the Pouch bag and the Padded sandals, this season it looks like the Padded Cassette bag – another of Rosie’s favourites – is taking centre stage.

But despite its permanent residency at the very top of our wishlist, there are very few of us who can actually afford to drop £1,850 on a bag – regardless of how often we dream about it.

Thankfully, our friends at Topshop have answered our prayers by creating a perfect version of the high-end piece.

By no means a ‘dupe’ (we’re not here for creative plagiarism), despite its differences – a distinct lack of padding being one – the woven flap and rectangular shape render it reminiscent enough that we’re dubbing it the ultimate alternative for those of us a little strapped for cash this January.

(Let’s pretend that if it were a little later in the year we’d be more than able to snap one up…)

Ringing in at £25, it is a mere 1.3% of the price of Bottega’s dreamy incarnation.

The even better news? It comes in a whole host of other colours, including black, camel and blue, meaning you can wear one with just about every. Single. Outfit. Much like Rosie does.
We expect to be seeing it on the arm of every cash-strapped, fashion-forward influencer over the next few weeks…

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