July 24, 2024

Unapproachable makeup is trending on TikTok

It seems like the girlies are in their ‘don’t talk to me era’ … No wonder unapproachable makeup is trending on TikTok.

This trend defies conventional makeup norms but is full of allure. We’re talking dramatic colour contrast, striking, dark-hued combos, graphic lines and perhaps even a bleached brow. No wonder some of the biggest beauty creators on TikTok have been devouring the trend, with the term ‘unapproachable makeup’ amassing a colossal 91. 3M views and counting…

As for what the look actually consists of, it’s all in the name. This full beat screams, sexy and mysterious girl at the club, that is secure and sure of herself, and probably a little too intimidating to approach. This is the type of makeup to make insecure men scatter.

Sounds appealing? Here are some tips to achieve your very own epic unapproachable makeup look:

Play with colour

Consider using vibrant and contrasting colours for eyes, lips, and cheeks. If that’s a sharp contour, or opaque smokey eye, then so be it, there are no colour rules when it comes to unapproachable makeup.

Use sharp lines and shapes

Try incorporating bold and sharp graphic lines on the lids, wether thats just a striking cat eye contouring the entirety of your eyelids, or simply a floating liner, feel free to experiment with black liner. “First things first, you need expert brushes for this one and some good product – you don’t want anything too runny or too dry when you’re creating super sharp lines; nothing that’ll smudge or drag,” says makeup artist Scarlett Burton. Here, a strong liquid liner and a precision brush will be your best friends.

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KVD Beauty Tattoo Liner Trooper Black

Play with contrasting textures

Consider experimenting with different textures like combining matte and metallic finishes for a more dynamic visual effect. Don’t forget to set with a good setting or translucent powder so that the pigments stay put.

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Chanel Ombre Première Laque New Longwear Liquid Eyeshadow

Define your brows

The trick here with the eyebrows is to make them as striking as possible. Eyebrows are the centre of facial expression. For a true unapproachable look make them sharply groomed and shaped into as close to a straight line as you can get, instead of curved. In fact, Vanita Parti, founder of Blink Brow Bar tells GLAMOUR, “A low arch will create a flatter look, so when shaping a straight brow at home, try to avoid plucking the extra hairs just underneath the arch,”

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