Florence Pugh leads an at-home dance workout to ward off cabin fever

Among those taking to social media to share their experience, is actress Florence Pugh. “It is a really weird time at the moment. People are scared and the world doesn’t know what to do or say and that’s an odd feeling,” the Little Women star admitted after revealing she’s waiting out the worst of Coronavirus away from her nearest and dearest.

“I’m currently away from my family and my siblings and that’s certainly unsettling.” But, despite the challenges, she’s found ways to stay positive. “As my dad said on the phone yesterday, we have to do things that keep us happy, keep us bubbly and keep moving.”

The daily onslaught of cold hard Coronavirus intel has been tough. One heartening development, though, has been seeing how people around the globe have been dealing with the crisis in their own way. And, a little glimpse into the lives of celebs (many of whom, like us, have been encouraged to quarantine) has been a welcome distraction from the doom and gloom.

Wise words indeed, not least because along with the impact of self isolation on our mental health, time spent house-bound can have an effect on our physical wellbeing, too, if we don’t introduce ways to keep ourselves active.

Florence’s advice? “Wake up tomorrow and do a dance, have a little shimmy. Just boogie. Get all of that weird horrid anxiety out of your system.” Leading the charge, she went on to share the goofy, flaily, carefree moves that help her feel energised and bring the cheer, alongside the caption “go shake your limbs and BUM”. Her choice of song, Holding On, by War On Drugs, was apt – a high octane dance anthem with lyrics “keep keeping on.”

“Exercise is number one,” she continues. “Number two is, we have to be eating good. I’m someone that my whole day is based around lunch, dinner, what I’m gonna cook, what I’m gonna eat.” But, she encouraged us to focus on dishes that use ingredients that are about to expire, noting “what’s important during all of this is that we’re not wasting our food and we’re using all of the things that we bought last week. All of the sad, bruised, upset vegetables, we’re going to put them in a pan and it’s going to taste delicious.”

“I’m talking about things like this tomato that I bought last week, she’s a bit banged up, but she’s beautiful, this pepper, she’s definitely bruised, but she’s going to taste great in the pan and this aubergine that I used half of last week. We’re just going to chop the brown off and put it in a pan.

So whatever soothes you, whether it’s spending extra time putting together recipes that brings you comfort our finding other food for your soul, know you’re in it with everyone else and together, we’ll find a way through.

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