These Topshop mules are the perfect Bottega Veneta

That said, with the dawn of a fresh new decade also comes January: the longest and poorest month of them all. Sigh. How’s a girl meant to invest in the season’s hottest pieces while also avoiding bankruptcy? It’s easy. Snap up dupes for said pieces, of course.
With the dawn of a fresh new decade comes an overwhelming desire to update our entire wardrobes. We knew it’d happen. Try as we might, the “new year new me” hype is rather hard to avoid, especially when it comes to giving the daily uniform a fresh lick of paint.

Since Daniel Lee took over as creative director at Bottega Veneta, the brand are well and truly back on our radars. And everyone else’s for that matter. As a result, they’re also responsible for many of the pieces we’ve been consistently eyeing up of late.

Founded in 1966 and loved for their leather goods, they’ve redefined themselves in the past year with bold colour choices, “ugly” shapes and a unique approach to accessory design. First to go viral was that oversized pouch clutch – it almost single handedly garnered the “newbottega” hashtag and was snapped up by every influencer and her dog. There were also those chunky sneakers and the quilted mules that almost broke the internet.

But our latest obsession? Bottega Veneta’s fire square-toe mules. They. Are. Hot.

We’re not sure whether it’s the popping cerulean hue or versatility which does it for us the most, but they perfectly combine statement with everyday essential. From faux-leather trousers and white tees to slinky slip dresses, they’d go with pretty much anything.

The only downside is that they have a palpitation-inducing price tag of £590 which is just not attainable rn. Or ever, really. And that’s where Topshop comes in. If you can’t bear to part with your pennies, you can snap a very similar pair up for just £65. Yep, you heard right: these stunning dupes can be yours for a fraction of the price of the originals. They have the same square toe, the same curved heel (and heel height) and a very similar colour. The only major difference is the addition of the black sole, but that’s something we kinda love.

Topshop have also released the same pair in black and beige, which is perfect if you swing towards a more neutral colour palette. Sadly, the black pair have already sold out (shoppers went mental), but rumour has it a similar pair will be dropping within the next month or two. Watch this space.

If we’ve got you feeling spendy, here are a few other Bottega-inspired dupes to shop now. *Adds everything to basket.*

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