Uber and Lyft drivers that are kicking hospitality into high gear

Who says you can’t make a little extra on the drive?

Who says when you jump into an Uber or a Lyft, that a little of the driver’s personality can’t shine through? Personally, if you can entertain me whilst driving me to my next drunk destination, you deserve all the stars.

Halloween decor will earn some rave reviews.

Free treat bag with every ride?

10 points for the Kat Mobile!

Roof of a car.

Driver brought her pet along.

That’s a personalized keychain of the driver’s face.

This must be the breakup Uber, or an awkward jerk-off station.

Inspirational quotes on the window? Must be the same car as the tissues.

Only in Georgia, will your driver offer you a peach.

Now, if I could find one that offered pizza…

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