Tyler Wants These Sunglasses to Live Like Kendall Jenner at Cannes

Will this south-of-France look translate to Rockaway Beach? Only one way to find out.

There is no time of year I envy the life of models more than during the Cannes Film Festival. This isn’t just because they get to jet off to the south of France, attend great parties and stay at beautiful hotels – though that’s obviously part of it. It’s also because they have an excuse to dress the way I would 24/7 if I lived a “model in Cannes” lifestyle: Cute, flirty dresses by day; princess gowns with diamonds by night.

Ray-Ban octagonal flat lenses, $153, available at Ray-Ban.

Ray-Ban octagonal flat lenses, $153, available at Ray-Ban.

Now, I already have a black one-piece and the perfect red lipstick, which means all I need to re-create this look are the Ray-Bans – and maybe a private jet to Nice. In the mean time, I’ll be trying to channel my inner Kenny while swapping Cannes for the Rockaways and a glass of rosé for an excellent michelada from Rippers. I’m betting the Ray-Bans will look just as chic there, too.

Ray-Ban octagonal flat lenses, $153, available at Ray-Ban.

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