Two dads have penned an open letter to their teenage daughters

Anyway, enough of all the serious stuff. Life’s for sharing and having fun with your BFFs – so get on with it!! So stick together, oh, and chill.

“Hey girls,

We know we usually chat and that getting an actual WRITTEN letter from us is – like – WAAAAY out of the norm, but we just wanted, for once, to put pen to paper, dad to daughter, to say just how FAB we think you all are. There you are – we’ve said it.

We totally know how crazy busy your lives are and how much fun there is out there to be grabbed with your best friends, but we want you to know that we are always there for you to bounce ideas and creative mad thoughts off. As you get older, the world around you can sometimes seem a bit strange, and although social media is amazing – and, by the way, you lot are SO lucky to have this cool way to connect with your friends – we also know that sometimes it can make you feel you have to look and behave a certain way.

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So, we just wanted to say: remember to have the confidence to always be yourselves. And when it comes to celebrity looks, what you see isn’t always real, you know! You and your friends are the coolest squad we know and don’t ever feel pressurised to conform. Your way is the right way – and it’s the absolute best way.

And before you yawn, sigh and say ‘Oh Daaaad!’, just one more ‘genius gem’ from us: be kind. Always. You know we’ve always said to you that being kind is so important? Well, be super kind to yourselves and mega kind to your friends, plants, trees, the ozone layer (!), butterflies, unicorns, rabbits and the dog, of course! And you’ll soon discover this ‘secret truth’ – that kindness creates kindness – it’s like magic.

To celebrate Father’s Day, we decided to flip it on its head and asked two dads, Alex Theodorou and Kevinn Hirsch, co-founders of teen perfume brand, Scent Republik, to pen an open letter to their teenage daughters – and it’ll give you all the feels. The two dads put their heads together to write a note to their offspring about beauty standards today, how to have fun and the best snippets of advice they often feel too embarrassed to express out loud.

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