Twitter is cringing at the ‘I Take Responsibility’ campaign featuring white celebs calling out racism

While the PSA has good intentions, it’s not exactly going over well on Twitter. The video is in black and white and features the aforementioned celebs staring dramatically at the camera and saying correct but vague things like, “We are no longer bystanders.

We will not be idle. Enough is enough,” and, “I will no longer allow an unchecked moment. I will no longer allow racist, hurtful words, jokes, stereotypes – no matter how big or small – to be uttered in my presence.”

A new campaign in partnership with the NAACP and several white celebrities called “I Take Responsibility” launched today, June 11.

“I Take Responsibility” challenges white people to call out racism when they see it and to commit to supporting Black lives. The campaign includes a PSA starring Kristen Bell, Kesha, Aaron Paul, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sarah Paulson, Stanley Tucci, and a slate of other A-list celebrities – and according to a press release, the stars involved have committed to “supporting organisations dedicated to fighting for the rights of oppressed communities.”

People were quick to compare #ITakeResponsibility to the “Imagine” debacle from earlier this year, in which celebs covered the popular John Lennon song in an attempt to lift people’s spirits at the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak.

“Regret to inform you the celebs are at it again,” tweeted someone in reference to the #ITakeResponsibility PSA. Many of the responses echo this sentiment. “What are they auditioning for,” one person wrote, to which someone responded, “Ending Racism: The Musical.”

Of course, these celebrities meant no harm with this PSA – which some pointed out in defense of it – but it perhaps would’ve been more effective had they spoken less monologue-y. That being said, the crux of the campaign is true: White people do need to start educating themselves on systemic racism and taking responsibility for their part in it. You can learn more about the #ITakeResponsibility campaign here.

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