July 24, 2024

Tweets that will warm the heart like a bowl of mom’s soup, Photos

Slappy trails: One time in fifth grade, I was walking back to class from the bathroom. Before I continue, I should specify two things.

1. My classroom was literally just around the corner from the bathroom, next to the lockers.

2. There was a boy that I had a crush on for the past year in my class.

Now for whatever reason, I was swinging my arms around in a wild half-windmill motion. Don’t ask me why, I was just filled with child-like glee I guess. So there I was, swinging my arms dramatically, then just when I got to the corner…

There’s a ton of negativity in this world. Really. There’s a great quote that goes: “If you’re lucky enough to be here, you’re lucky enough. ”

Take a step back, everyone, no matter what situation you’re currently in, let’s take five and throw a smile on.

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