Tutorials on ‘face mask makeup’ are trending on YouTube and here are some of the best tips

According to YouTube, the tutorials have collectively garnered over 1.8 million views and have been uploaded by some of the biggest creators across the world, from PONY Syndrome to Sarang Beauty.

But the one we found most helpful was from Manny Mua (4.78 million subscribers), a U.S-based beauty vlogger who believes makeup is genderless and has no rules (can we get an ‘amen?’)

As lockdown continues to be relaxed in the UK, precautionary measures are being taken to reduce the possibility of a second wave of Coronavirus. As of Monday 15th June, it is now compulsory for people in England to wear face masks on public transport. And following updated guidelines from the World Health Organisation (WHO) on 5th June, which recommended that everyone wear fabric face masks in public areas where there is a risk of transmission, countries across the worlds are advising mask usage.

As a result, YouTube is seeing a spike in beauty tutorials specifically tailored for prolonged face mask wear, with advice on giving makeup the ultimate staying power and preventing smudging.

These are some of his top tips on flawless, long-lasting face makeup to wear under your mask…

1. Lock in moisturiser with translucent powder

Manny starts off by applying a super-hydrating moisturiser to help prevent dry, cracked makeup, particularly as you’ll be using a fair amount of powders to help with longevity. Then, he says: “We’re going to go ahead and set that barrier with a translucent powder, very lightly.”

This, he says, is a trick used by YouTuber Jordan Liberty in a video entitled ‘This Trick Will Change Your Makeup Game!’, and helps to create a barrier to really lock the moisturiser in and stop it from mixing with your primer and foundation. “It’s going to be a nice, helpful barrier to keep our makeup on,” Manny adds.

Try: Benefit Dr. Feelgood Silky Mattifying Powder, £20

2. Spritz setting spray after moisturising

We know that setting spray is key to giving your makeup longevity and making sure it doesn’t rub off on your face mask after you’ve completed your look, but Manny says it’s an absolute must post-moisturiser, too.

“This is one of those steps that’s going to be really helpful for us to go in and solidify and lock in the moisturiser and powder underneath… any longevity spray that’s going to keep our makeup on longer,” Manny explains.

Try: Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray, £26

3. Use your stickiest primer

“What I would suggest using primer-wise, is going to be something that’s really sticky, which is going to really grip that foundation and keep it on our face a lot longer,” Manny says. He recommends the Hydro Grip Primer from Milk MakeUp, which will be stocked soon on Cult Beauty.

Or try: NYX Professional Make-Up High Definition Primer, £14

4. Skip the lightweight products

Sheer coverage is not the aim of the game here. “If you’re not setting your face and you’re putting a mask on,” Manny says, “the product will get picked up on the mask because it’s a fibrous material… you want to lock in the foundation with powders and maybe the longer-lasting foundations.”

He also recommends applying the foundation with a brush to deposit the most amount of product, then following up by pressing in and blending with a beauty sponge which is “helpful for keeping our makeup on a little longer.”

The same goes for the next step, which is applying your concealer – the more full-coverage the product, the longer it will last under your face mask.

Try: Morphe Fluidity Full-Coverage Foundation, £8

5. Use your sponge to apply setting powder, then ‘cook’

“The more powder our face has, the more it’s going to soak into our skin and the more longevity it’s going to have,” Manny says. Use the wet sponge you just used to apply concealer, as this “helps melt in the powder a little bit better.” Manny also recommends applying product more densely to your nose, as this is a high-contact area with your mask.

Manny then advises waiting for around 5 minutes for all the different layers to ‘cook’ and set properly into the skin, before dusting off any excess product and spritzing some more setting spray. You’re then ready to apply bronzer, blusher and highlighter should you wish, before following with some more spritzes of setting spray and a final sponge application of powder to the points of your face that will be specifically touching the mask.

Try: Glossier ‘Wowder’ Weightless Finishing Powder, £18

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